The World Government's new (and adorable) murder machines


Name: Seraphim
Origin: One Piece
Gender: Male for S-Bear, S-Hawk, and S-Shark, female for S-Snake
Classification: Human Weapons, Cyborgs, The Military Force Employed by the Marines
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Each Seraphim has super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, fire manipulation, flight via DOM boots, can shoot lasers, S-Snake has an artificial version of the  Mero Mero no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows a range of attacks which use emotions of lust or perversion to transform opponents into stone, S-Hawk has master level swordsmanship (presumably on the level of Mihawk but this remains to be seen) and can generate air blades, S-Shark has master level Fishman Karate (allowing him to generate and manipulate water) and an artificial version of the Sui Sui no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to swim in the ground or walls, S-Bear has an artificial version of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit which allows him to repel matter and physical attacks, such as creating air pressure blasts and shockwaves, or sending opponents across the world with a touch, he can also use this power to move himself rapidly, which appears to other characters to be akin to teleportation, can also repel abstract things such as "pain" from someone
Weaknesses: None notable, S-Snake can be easily flustered if she is praised, it is currently unknown if the Seraphim have the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses
Destructive Capacity: Continent level+ via powerscaling (the Seraphim are meant to be replacements for the Shichibukai, which includes strong high tiers like DoflamingoJinbeHancock, and Law, as well as top tiers like Mihawk, S-Hawk rushed Blackbeard and immediately made him use his Armament Haki to defend himself and his Yami Yami no Mi powers), S-Snake can ignore conventional durability with the artificial Mero Mero no Mi
Range: At least several dozen meters with Hakkai and lasers, at least several dozen to several hundred meters with their various copied abilities
Speed: Relativistic with light-speed reactions (S-Hawk was able to surprise Blackbeard when he rushed him, S-Shark was able to maneuver around and team assault from the StrawHat Pirates including Robin)
Durability: Continent level+ (S-Shark was able to take a Diamble Jambe kick to the face from an enraged Sanji), the Lunarian gene further supplements their durability
Lifting Strength: At least Class G+ via powerscaling, likely Class T
Striking Strength:
Class YJ+ (S-Hawk cut a massive rock formation casually and made Blackbeard use his Armament Haki to defend himself, he also pushed back a Post-Wano Zoro who was using Nitoryu)
Stamina: Massively superhuman+
Standard Equipment: DOM Boots for all of them, a Yoru-like sword for S-Hawk
Intelligence: All Seraphim are programmed to be amazingly powerful and competent weapons of the World Government, they have shown sentience and the capability to display emotion or at least replicate what human emotion would be, and they can constantly juggle the usage of several powerful abilities at once
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Lasers: The Seraphim can fire a laser out of their mouths and from their hands which is powerful enough to melt steel. They all have this ability.


Hakka (Ignite): After having the DNA of Lunarians copied the Seraphim can wield the natural ability to ignite their body at any point, allowing him to create and manipulate fire. They also have the naturally supplemented durability of Lunarians as well. They all have this ability.



- Air Blades: Not a named technique. S-Hawk swings his sword and launches a slicing blade of wind at his opponent. He likely has a similar skill to Mihawk as well as being able to use pinpoint accuracy. At least to some degree anyway.



- Mero Mero no Mi (Love Love Fruit): A Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, this fruit allows a range of attacks that use emotions of lust or perversion to transform targets into stone. The major strength of the fruit, as demonstrated by Hancock, is that the user is able to transform those who have fallen in love with her into stone in varying degrees by using their "dirty thoughts". Victims that have been completely turned to stone are incapable of consciousness and susceptible to physical damage unless the user de-petrifies them. Petrification can also be achieved through physically striking an opponent, although the only area that is turned to stone is the contacted area, as opposed to the entire body. Inanimate objects are also susceptible to the fruit's power. While the fruit's powers, specifically the aforementioned technique, use the focused lust of a user's victim to fuel the petrification, if the intended targets have no lust towards the user, then some of her abilities are nullified. This can be achieved either by being distracted by other emotions, such as pain and fear, or by simply lacking lust, to begin with. S-Snake has an artificial version of this Devil Fruit.
  • Mero Mero Merrow: S-Snake's signature technique, she forms a heart shape with her hands and launches a beam of the shape. Anyone with "dirty thoughts" (lust) hit by this beam will be turned into a stone statue (i.e. petrified). The beam's effect can be blocked if the target doesn't have any lust for Hancock, either by focusing on other emotions (such as intense pain) or simply being ignorant (it had no effect on Luffy because he's not attracted to her). This attack seems not to kill targets, but rather put them in a form of stasis, however, any affected person's body can be destroyed, due to the fact that it is stone.


Fish-Man Karate: A martial art that is practiced by certain skilled members of the Fish-Man race. Humans can also learn the fighting style, as shown by Koala. While deadly enough on land, Fish-Man Karate has a number of devastating underwater moves designed to suit the enhanced strength and speed that Fish-Man possesses while in their natural environment.

- Sui Sui no Mi (Swim Swim no Mi): A Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to swim in the ground or walls. S-Shark has an artificial version of this Devil Fruit. S-Shark also likes to use the Sui Sui no Mi in conjunction with his Fish-Man Karate to create new attacks.

S-Shark using the Sui Sui no Mi with Fish-Man Karate to create land waves



- Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw Pad Paw Pad Fruit): A Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, this fruit allows the user to push anything they touch, and is physically represented as paw pads on the user's palm that seem to be permanently engraved into the user. The first and foremost strength of the fruit, as demonstrated by S-Bear, is that the user is able to push practically anything they touch and send it flying at extremely high speeds. This includes both tangible materials such as people and objects, and intangible materials such as air, the ghosts generated by the Horo Horo no Mi user, and the sensation of physical pain. This power offers the user an incredible advantage in battle, allowing them to deflect any physical attacks. They are also able to harness their abilities to perform offensive maneuvers, such as repelling the very air around them at the speed of light. One misconception about the powers of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi is that it gives its user the ability to transport at will. This is incorrect, however. Rather than teleport, S-Bear uses the awesome speed of his Devil Fruit power to propel himself across certain distances.

  • Ursus Shock: S-Bear gathers air with his palms and compresses it into a giant bubble that resembles a paw print. Once the bubble is compact enough to fit within his hands, he releases the compressed air and sends it toward his opponent. The air quickly decompresses, causing a massive explosion in the form of a bear paw.

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