The Pacifista cleaning house


Name: Pacifista, they are individually labeled by the letters "PX", then a hyphen and a number
Origin: One Piece
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Weapons, Cyborgs, Copies of Bartholomew Kuma, Military Force Employed by the Marines
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, various weapons built into their bodies such as lasers that can be fired from their hands and or mouth
Weaknesses: They are robotic and aren't very good at adapting or quick thinking on the spot
Destructive Capacity: At least city level+ (physically overpowered Franky and Urouge prior to his transformation, dropped Zoro and Sanji with its lasers)
Range: Extended human melee range due to size, at least a few dozen meters with lasers
Speed: Sub-relativistic+ (kept up with pre-TS Supernovas, were able to tag Trafalgar Law among others)
Durability: At least city level+ (tanked a combination attack from the Monster Trio, the Straw Hats also only brought down the Pacifista they were fighting after it was weakened by the explosion Usopp set off inside its mouth in conjunction with one of its own lasers exploding inside its head, and even then it required Luffy's strongest Gear Third attack in addition to Zoro's & Sanji's strongest moves to finish it off)
Lifting Strength: Class G+
Striking Strength: At least Class PJ+ (stronger than Franky)
Stamina: Superhuman+ (they do not feel pain or fatigue)
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: They can identify pirates with active bounties, doesn't seem too bright beyond that
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Laser: The Pacifista can fire a laser out of their mouths and from their hands which is powerful enough to melt steel and pierce through X.Drake in his transformed state.

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