The characters as they appear in the trailers


Background Information

RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is a web series created and directed by Monty Oum, an animator at Rooster Teeth Productions.

It is ongoing and has 8 seasons/volumes, so far.

The plot centers around two four-man teams--eponymous RWBY and JNPR (pronounced "Juniper")--and their attendance of the monster-hunting school Beacon Academy.

Pretty much, everything in the verse doubles as a gun; gun-blades, gun-scythes, gun-hammers, gun-gauntlets, gun-canes, et cetera. If a character doesn't carry a gun, then he/she probably wields Dust, a powerful substance from which life and magic is created...or his name is Jaune Arc :skully.


Standing in the Battledome

The verse is decent power wise as it has several city block level/multi city block level+ characters and even possibly small town level characters with hypersonic/hypersonic+ speeds.

They are slightly weaker than the likes of Soul Eater and Hunter x Hunter.

Although, the verse is essentially the new Narutoverse, meaning that they often lose against stronger characters and this leads to high salt and frustration levels from its fans.

Hey, it isn't our fault. :skully


Character Profiles


Vale/Beacon Academy



Ruby Rose
Weiss Schnee
- Blake Belladonna
- Yang Xiao Long



- Jaune Arc
- Nora Valkyrie
- Pyrrha Nikos
- Lie Ren



- Coco Adel
- Fox Alistair
- Velvet Scarlatina
- Yatsuhashi Daichi



- Cardin Winchester
- Russel Thrush
- Dove Bronzewing
- Sky Lark


Beacon staff

- Prof. Ozpin
- Glynda Goodwitch
- Dr. Bartholomew Oobleck
- Peter Port



- Summer Rose
- Taiyang Xiao Long
- Raven Branwen
- Qrow Branwen


Mistral/Haven Academy







- Flynt Coal
- Neon Katt


Atlesian Mlitary

- James Ironwood
- Winter Schnee
- Penny Polendina
- Ciel Soleil


Vacuo/Shade Academy




Cinder's Group

- Cinder Fall
- Roman Torchwick
- Mercury Black
- Emerald Sustrai
- Neopolitan
- Salem

White Fang

- Adam Taurus


- Beowolves
- Ursa
- King Taijitu
- Death Stalkers
- Nevermore
- Boarbatusks
- Goliaths
- Creeps
- Griffons
- Grimm Dragon

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