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Background Information


Kingdom Hearts is a Japanese RPG video game series that presents a marriage between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. Boasting an in-depth plot akin to those of various Final Fantasy titles, Kingdom Hearts follows Sora and his fellow Kayblade Wielders through worlds both original and those featured in various Disney cinematic titles.

The series begins with Sora, the protagonist, as a happy-go-lucky resident of the tranquil Destiny Islands. He and his friends Riku and Kairi dream of escaping their solitary lives and experiencing foreign worlds. Before they can cast off, the Heartless, shadowy creatures who hunger for the hearts of people and worlds alike, plunge their island into darkness. Sora manages to escape to another world and there discovers that he can use the Keyblade, a powerful weapon capable of vanquishing Heartless. He is soon after recruited by Donald and Goofy, King Mickey's right hands, in the effort to fight the Darkness that threatens to overtake the entire Realm of Light. To save the cosmos, restore his world, and reunite with his friends, Sora embarks on a journey that's taking a really long time to conclude.

The series spans 7 games so far, and the current arc will conclude with a 8th arriving (hopefully) sometime in the next few years. These games are, in order of the plot's chronology, Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, 358/2 Days, Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, coded, Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts III.


Standing in the Battledome


Due to recent scrutiny, KHverse has received an immense boost in its Battledome standing. Whereas top-tier Sora was considered mach 3 and building-level only two years ago, freshly unearthed feats and calculations now regard high tiers as FTL and planet-level. Not entirely surprising given the series's cosmological setting, as well as its development by Square Enix, whose Final Fantasy series is notoriously formidable.

Also notable is the series's abundance of hax, which include gravity manipulation, time manipulation, spatial manipulation, mind manipulation, transfiguration, etc. These abilities are so common that even fodder Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters have regular access to many of them. Moreover, many of the main cast are shown as capable of resisting most of these hax, whether via the Keyblade or otherwise.


Supporters of the Series

  • Alpha~13
  • Brohan
  • Gundam Meister
  • Imagine
  • P-X 12
  • Sablés
  • Tacocat


OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


Destiny Islands

- Kairi

- Riku

- Sora


Disney Castle

- Donald

- Goofy

- King Mickey


The Xehanorts

- Ansem

- Xehanort

- Xemnas

- Young Xehanort

Land of Departure

- Aqua

- Eraqus

- Terra

- Vanitas

- Ventus

Organization XIII

- Axel

- Demyx

- Larxene

- Lexaeus

- Luxord

- Marluxia

- Roxas

- Saix

- Vexen

- Xigbar

- Xion

- Zexion


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