Sailor Moon and the group. The Moon isn't a planet (and neither is Pluto anymore) but hey, who are we to judge?


Background Information

Ever imagined what Power Rangers would be if there were no mecha, and all the rangers where replaced with hot jailbait princesses in sailor miniskirt attire? Well if you have (and I'm pretty sure we all have at one point) then you'd know what Sailor Moon is about in a nut shell. Sailor moon deals with a set of princesses who had their celestial kingdoms destroyed, their minds wiped and are sent to earth. They were princess of each nine planets (back in the day Pluto was still a planet) and they fought monsters from various villain groups out to steal the Legendary Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon For the uninitiated, the Sailor Moon franchise also consists of Codename: Sailor V, a precursor to Sailor Moon and the main series. Sailor V is Sailor Venus, she was the first one to get her memories back and use her powers to become a Super Star.

Standing in the Battledome

Most of us have probably watched the dub back when Cartoon Network wasn't shit, but that's only half the story. Sailor Moon is a metaseries that contains the canon manga, non-canon anime re-telling, and currently on-going adaptation.

In terms of power the verse is quite op, with the very first significant feat being a casual star level+ claim for Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal. We then get a very impressive solar system level+ feat later on that sets the basis for most characters in the manga. However new evidence has depicted characters reaching galaxy level far sooner than the Stars arc; with Pharaoh 90 moving a galaxy in another dimension casually during the Infinity arc. This feat suggests that thigh tiers are easily multi-galaxy level.

A recurring arguement in the battledome is whether or not top tiers in the manga reach Universe level. This has seemed to be a continuous topic because of several inconsistancies involving potential universal feats. With Pluto's revelation in the new translation of the manga that the power of two Silver Crystals does indeed reach the universal range. This is also due to Sailor Moon being capable of destroying the galaxy cauldron, which is the galactic center and source for all planets and stars scattered throughout the universe.


Dark Kingdom arc - Relativistic speed and star level feats.

Black Moon arc - Relativistic and solar system level feats, with one universal feat, explained by Sailor Pluto.

Infinity arc - Relativistic and galaxy level feats.

Dream arc - Relativistic and above galaxy level feats.

Stars arc - Massively FTL speed and universal feats.

Supporters of the Series


  • Iwandesu
  • Imperator100
  • Nevermind
  • Roman55
  • Izuku


Character Profiles


Guardian Senshi


Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor Jupiter Sailor Mars Sailor Mercury Sailor Moon Sailor Venus


Outer Senshi


Sailor Neptune Sailor Pluto Sailor Saturn Sailor Uranus


Shadow Galactica


Sailor Galaxia Sailor Lead Crow




Chaos Queen Serenity Tuxedo Kamen


Dark Kingdom


Jadeite Kunzite Nephrite Queen Beryl Zoicite


Weapon Profiles


Silver Crystal Silence Glaive


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