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Black Lagoon is a manga written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe and published since 2002. Black Lagoon has two seasons of TV anime adaptations and an OVA series often referred as the "third season".

Black Lagoon is an action-packed story detailing the adventures of the pirate/mercenary group called the Lagoon Company. Their base of operations is the fictional harbor city of Roanpur in south-east Thailand. The city itself is a lawless place where might makes right. Two factions, the Chinese Triads, and the Russian mafia are struggling to take control. The Lagoon Company takes odd jobs for money which often involve violent firefights and a lot more trouble than they originally signed for.

The plot takes many ideas from the works of James Ellroy, John Woo, Quentin Tarantino, and Stephen King, which somehow makes it seem like an action movie created in manga format.

Standing in the Battledome

In terms of power, Black Lagoon ranks rather low. Most fighters are somewhere at peak human levels with only a few superhuman feats. There's exactly one confirmed bullet timer. The verse cannot pass the Method of Test, even. Yet Black Lagoon is well-known and relatively famous in the OBD. That is no less because of its badass cast. With a few exceptions, every named character can kick some copious ass. Strong fighters like the heroine Revy being able to waltz through massive gunfire and take down an entire armed group with ease.

In OBD matches, posters usually pit Black Lagoon characters against famous gunmen or other peak human like characters. Amongst the entire Black Lagoon cast, Revy and Roberta were featured the most in the Outskirts Battledome.

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Bai Ji-Shin Chang Balalaika
Bai Ji-Shin Chang Balalaika


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Ginji Matsuzaki
Ginji Matsuzaki


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