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Hellsing is a completed seinen manga series with 10 volumes created by Kouta Hirano.

It is about an organization that fights vampires and other supernatural creatures. The main character is Alucard, a vampire who was apparently the original Count Dracula, but was defeated and captured by Abraham van Hellsing, who later founded the Hellsing organization.

Hellsing was adapted into an anime series, but it quickly left the plot of the main manga and introduced a shitty villain called "Incognito".

However, a completed OVA series known as Hellsing Ultimate, it stays true to the manga, including the conflict against the Nazi Millenium Organization and it is very good.


Standing in the Battledome

Alucard is known to have many broken powers, including regenerating from a puddle of blood, summoning legions of undead warriors, absorbing the souls of enemies he defeats in battle and adding their powers to his own, intangibility, teleportation, etc.

There are also many other strong characters, such as Walter, Seras Victoria, Captain Hans Gunsche, Schrodinger, Tubalcain Alhambra (perhaps the coolest name for a character ever), and Paladin Alexander Anderson. Hellsing is considered to be a decently strong verse due to most of Alucard's hax.

Most of the other characters are around low/mid tier HST level.

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Character Profiles


Hellsing Organization


Alucard small.png Seras small.png Walter small 2.png
Alucard Seras Victoria Walter C. Dornez


Millennium Organization


Captian small.png Luke small.png Rip small.png Alhambra small.png Zorin small.png
Captain Luke Valentine Rip Van Winkle Tubalcain Zorin Blitz


Iscariot Organization


Alex small.png





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