Mind over matter


Telekinesis is the ability to move objects and exert physical force without actually touching said objects (often this implies fine control of such force as well). The cliche description of telekinesis is "the ability to move things with your mind", although this is misleading as telekinetic powers can come from other sources aside from psychic abilities. Telekinesis is often abbreviated as TK.

Depending on the extent of the power, it can be a very broken ability, allowing things like destroying your opponent's body from the inside, increasing your own speed, decreasing your opponent's speed, countering and launching projectiles, and even molecular/atomic manipulation. Also known as Psychokinesis and Levitation.


Low Level

  • Telekinetic Repulsion/Push: To push objects away from the user, i.e. sliding a cup across a table
  • Telekinetic Attraction/Pull: To pull objects towards the user, i.e. yanking a book off a shelf
  • Telekinetic Maneuver: To alter an object's directional course, i.e. changing what number a dice lands on
  • Levitation: To lift an object, i.e. raising a pitcher several inches into the air
  • Telekinetic Grip: To grasp an object firmly in place, i.e. keeping the tides from washing a friend away
  • Enhanced Strength: To increase the user's physical strength, i.e punching through the flesh of zombies

Mid Level

  • Spatial Sense: To "see" one's surroundings using telekinesis, i.e. sensing a target from a distance
  • Object Manipulation: To alter an object's inner workings, i.e. unlocking a door
  • Telekinetic Compression: To crush an object, i.e. squeezing a chair into a ball
  • Telekinetic Destruction: To make an object explode, i.e. blowing up a table

High Level

  • Forcefields: To condense the air around oneself in order to make protective shields, i.e. deflecting bullets
  • Combustion: To speed an object's molecules to the point that it explodes, i.e. setting things on fire
  • Freezing: To slow an object's molecules to point that it freezes, i.e. immobilizing opponents
  • Seismic Shock Wave: To emit a powerful vibration strong enough to make objects shatter, i.e. sonic boom
  • Molecular and Energy Manipulation: To manipulate matter and energy at a molecular, or even subatomic, level, i.e. rearranging atoms and controlling energy
  • Enhanced Regeneration: To regenerate one's own cells via telekinetic manipulation or gathering telekinetic energy to do so, i.e. using telekinesis to induce molecular/biological manipulation


  • Beginners needs time to practice.
  • May only be capable of moving objects they could physically move.
  • Prone to headache due to the mental focus that is required.
    • As a result, the ability could be limited to allow recovery.
  • User may not be able to manipulate magic-based matters/energies, as the mystical properties cannot be manipulated so easily without magical properties.

Examples of characters with TK:

- Jedi, Sith, and other Force Users from Star Wars
- Psykers from Warhammer 40,000
- Freeza and several other characters from Dragon Ball
- Jean Grey, other Phoenix Avatars, and many other characters from Marvel Comics
- Manchester Black and many other characters from DC Comics
- Psychic and Ghost Pokemon
- Tetsuo and Akira from Akira
- Todd Ingram from Scott Pilgrim
- Sephiroth from Final Fantasy
- Sylar from Heroes
- Wilhelm from Xenosaga