Raest from Malazan using his OmtosePhellack ice sorcery in a battle against a red dragon


A form of supernatural power that is primarily used for spells. It may also be considered as a source/form of energy like mana.

Magic is an external element to science, that binds contexts of reality to supernatural rules that transcend the mundanely achievable.
Magic empowers, and is often susceptible to many volatile rules, and not always impervious to the test of time.
When dealing with magic, one must always be aware that while the equivalence rule transfers within itself (Example: Only magical creatures can see dementors, so all magical creatures of all fiction apply) there are, however, many intricate rules and subjectivity is the key.

There are many perspectives from which someone can look at magic, and, though terminology may vary, this is the most common.

Magic Powers: Powers that work like any other form of powers, only that they are magical in nature. This can be Intrinsic, Divine or have an Enchantment as a source.
Magic Spells: One time rituals that trigger an single event.
Magical Charms or Enchantments: A rule implemented by magic. These will let themselves know often through reactions, though you will know them as situations where the "rules of reality" will be changed. Like a book enchanted to make everyone that reads its last sentence be sucked into it. They are therefore a form of Magical Empowerment.
Intrinsic: Magical events coming from someone or something that is magical by nature. Like Tinkerbell's dust.
Magical Empowerment or Divine: Magical events triggered by something or someone channeling the Intrinsic magical powers of someone else. Often in order to fight such magic, one needs to prove themselves stronger than anything shown by the empowerment, or in case of limits, stronger than what is assumable for the empowering entity.

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