Molecule Man, one of the more iconic users of this ability.

The ability to manipulate anything with substance and mass, and one of the more widely used subsets of reality warping.

Depending on the user the extant of this can go from transmutating local objects and people into something else, having the ability to absorb and meld said matter, to having the precision to manipulate atomic, and even subatomic particles, generating a wide variety of effects such as: accelerating the molecules of shit to the point where they melt or even combust, decelerating said matter to the point where it's locked in stasis (similar to when someone stops time), restoring damaged organic things to their optimal health (can obviously extend to inorganic like restoring a broken vase for instance), altering the density and size of people and objects, manipulate their own molecular structure to achieve shit like invisibility and intangibility, and too much more to be assed to list.


  • Some users may have trouble manipulating things composed of exotic or non-conventional matter
  • Some users experience immense difficulty at manipulating matter at lower levels
  • Incorporeal beings who aren't composed of any substance to control to begin with
  • Some users can't create their own organic or inorganic matter from nothing
  • Some users may experience trouble manipulating those who have a sufficient amount of control over their own molecular structure
  • Less casual users and technologies may require lot of time and energy to manipulate matter, making this strictly something to be used outside combat

Examples of characters who can manipulate matter:

Many characters from DC/Vertigo Comics
Many characters from Marvel Comics
Many characters from Doctor Who
Archangels, God, and some other beings from Supernatural
Several characters from Warhammer 40,000 such as Magnus the Red and the The God Emperor of Mankind
Luke Skywalker from Star Wars