An omnipresent map...not very helpful...

Omnipresence is the property of being present everywhere, and omnipresence is roughly described as the ability to be present in every place at any, and/or every, time referring to an unbounded or universal presence. The ability lets you to be everywhere at once that is, at every point in space during a given instant, and is considered the highest level of speed in a debate since you are everywhere. Most omnipotent beings are often omnipresent (well, you'd have to be, by default).

Examples include:

- Alucard at the end of Hellsing
- Blackheart (Within the Darkforce Dimension), Death, Eternity, and several others from Marvel Comics
- The Chaos Gods (Warhammer 40,000)
- The Downstreamers (Manifold Series)
- The Endless, and many other beings from DC/Vertigo Comics
- Giygas from (Earthbound/Mother)
- Hao Asakura in the physical realm with the G.S. (Shaman King)
- Solaris (Sonic the Hedgehog)
- ZeedMillenniummon (Digimon)

Occasionally, the term is used in a limited way, such as "omnipresent in a city" or "omnipresent across the earth". While this is technically incorrect, the meaning is obvious.

It also technically makes you a homosexual by default.

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