Pam Asbury (Rose Red) begins to read the dark history of the haunted house

Psychometry is a power where a psychic is able to gather information from its surrounding environment. This information comes in the form of skills, memories or knowledge of past objects and people most often through touch. The power is very useful in the way it can be applied. It can be used to find out the weakness of an opponent or in some cases it can be used to "Learn" the skills needed to use an object i.e a psychometric character can learn the skills of a master swordsman just by touching the blade.

Characters with pyschometric powers include:

- Adrienne Frost and Fusa from Marvel Comics
Chiba Mamoru and others from Sailor Moon
- Sister Noelle Bor from Trinity Blood
- Miho Karasuma from Witch Hunter Robin
- Kaos from Battle Angel Alita
- Sannomiya Shiho from Zettai Karen Children
- Sylar from Heroes
- Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer
- Pam Asbury from Rose Red
- Johnny Smith from The Dead Zone
- Bridge Carson from Power Rangers SPD
- Toa Helryx from Bionicle
- Aro from Twilight
- Princess Nuala and Abe Sapien From Hellboy
- Reload from Biomega
- Koudelka Iasant from Koudelka/shadow hearts
- Luke Skywalker (The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy)