The closest thing we have to it in our world


Reactive evolution is a power that allows a character to adapt to enemy attacks and hostile environments on - the - fly. The name is somewhat of a misnomer, since although it is named after biological evolution, real evolution happens to populations, not individuals.

This power is one of the abilities most known for being considered a no - limits fallacy. However, it can still be quantified by the demonstrated feats, and a reasonable limit can usually be extrapolated.

Examples of characters with Reactive Evolution:

- ARMS users from Project ARMS
- Amazo, from DCAU
- In Fate/Stay Night, Berserker God Hand amongst other things develops resistance to any attack it suffered before.
- The Borg, from Star Trek
- Cars, from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (in his ultimate form only)
- Doomsday and Nemesis Kid from DC Comics
- Darwin, Super-Adaptoid, and The Fury from Marvel Comics (In Darwin's case at least, his powers are designed to preserve his own life; Encountering an enemy that is beyond his ability to contend with has on at least on occasion resulted in him developing teleportation abilities, which he used to escape to a safe distance)
- Kecleon from Pokemon (special ability Color Change allows it to change its type to that of the last attack used on it.)
- Ifurita, from El-Hazard
- Metal Cooler from the Dragon Ball Movies
- Nurarihyon from Gantz
- Zero from Tenchi Muyo!
- Vajra in Macross Frontier can gradually adapt to any weapon, even Reaction warheads.