Resurrection OBD 
The most famous resurrection of all time

refers to the literal coming back to life of the biologically dead. 

In fiction there are various way to resurrect a person, either through time manipulation, magic, reality warping, life force manipulation, or science. There are also different types of resurrections, some as simple bring the person back to life as if they never died, some characters in fiction can resurrect themselves should they die, and of course good ol' incomplete resurrection often resulting in zombies or another form of undead.


  • Reanimated targets may accidentally become zombies, undead or ghouls.
  • Effects may be limited by time.
  • Death of the animator may lead to death of the animated.
  • Using this on long dead creatures can be tricky for beginners.
  • Users are at risk of turning into a zombie if not careful when dealing with their zombie subject.
  • Low-level users may only reanimate a limited amount targets.
  • Some might have to sacrifice a life in order to bring another back to life.
  • Low-lever users may only reanimate a recently deceased target.
  • Returned souls/consciousnesses may suffer horrible pain and trauma.

Resurrection is often used in long running fictions if a character was planned to be brought back or if the creators wanted to bring the character back for some plot device.

Examples of characters that can resurrect:

- A bunch of characters from Marvel Comics
- A bunch of characters from DC Comics
- Many characters and technologies from Doctor Who
- Dragons from Dragon Ball
- Healing classes in various video games
Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
- Several Pokemon, mostly legendaries
- Willow and several other characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Fujiwara no Mokou, Eirin Yagokoro and Kaguya Kimimaro from Touhou
- Takutanuva from Bionicle
- Orihime from Bleach

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