Super Robot is the general term that refers to the immense varieties of mechas and giant robotic warriors in the many fictions listed in this wiki or otherwise. Super Robots tend to be composed largely of mecha in animes and manga, or video games, but can also be thinking and acting artificial intelligences that are more than just technological armor. There are many verses that use Super Robots, including the many Gundam series, Power Rangersand Super Sentai, GaoGaiGar, TTGL, and many more (see below). Super Robots tend have highly varying degrees of power. Mechas from Gundam can be building busters to citybusters, while TTGL mecha's aredimensional, galactic and above, and the top-tier of Transformers are multiversal, like Unicron and Primus.

Verses that use Super Robots include:

- Aquarion
- Demonbane
- Kurogane no Linebarrel
- Megas XLR
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Transformers
- Xenogears
- Super Robot Wars