A type of argument that basically says that character A is so much faster than his opponent that he can win the fight before said opponent is even capable of reacting or doing anything. One of the most common arguments in the OBD, and usually the one that decides most fights. That is why speed is one of the most emphasized and respected qualities in characters in the battledome, and calculations of speed are done more often than other types.

In the fictional continuities that most of these characters come from, however, speedblitzes do not occur nearly as often, as a general rule. That doesn't mean they don't happen in the actual fictions, but few of the characters in the battledome known for speedblitzing do it nearly as often in their actual universes.

This is considered to be mainly due to either plot contrivance or the mentality of the characters themselves, and since characters are usually bloodlusted and PIS is removed for OBD matches, speedblitzing there is much more common.

Many people think the speedblitz argument takes all of the fun out of vs. debating. To remedy this, threads are sometimes made with stipulations that both sides have equal speed.
On the other hand, almost hilarious conclusions have been taken about one's speed because of certain moments that were taken out of context.
Certain examples would be:
Sora being faster than light, which did not avail him when a giant dragon started slowly running at him.
John McClain being able to run at supersonic speeds which did not avail him in well, all the other movies
Rock Lee being "easily supersonic", which did not avail him when his friends were scattered and in danger one or two miles from each other.
Itachi being hypersonic but unable to run away while saucegay slowly explains he's going to hit him with a bolt of lightning.
Narutoverse being faster than planes because they hop through trees like it was nothing. Whatever that means.
Flash being infinitely fast having to be "the fastest he has ever been" to beat a monkey (although it should be noted that Grodd's telepathy is faster than Flash's base speed)
Goku being faster than light and able to teleport, but needs a spaceship to collect dragonballs (lol DBGT)

There are few effective defenses against speedblitzes, if your opponent is much faster than you.

However, a speedblitz isn't necessarily fatal for a slower character. Some conditions that make this possible are:

- Durability. Even if one character is much faster, it doesn't mean much if he can't actually do anything to hurt his opponent.
- Automatic defenses. Defenses that activate independent of the user's will, such as Light Hawk Wings and Doctor Strange's shields.
- Intangibility. Speedblitzing is useless if your opponent can't touch you.
- Non-corporeality. Again, if your physical body is just a facade, they can't beat you with a speedblitz.
- Omnidirectional attacks. If they are fast enough, you can hit a speedblitzer with one.
- Time manipulation/precognition. If you can predict your opponent's attacks and/or alter the past, you have a good chance of stopping a speedblitz.
- Reactive evolution/power duplication. You could adapt to or copy your opponent's speed.
- Causality manipulation. You could make it so your opponent is fated to miss you or get tagged
- Probability manipulation. Extreme luck or probability - based defenses can avoid a speedblitz.

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