Ah yes, calculations. A staple of the OBD. Prior to 2011, they were relatively rare. However, starting in the middle of that year, they became much more common, to the point of them typically being the most important thing with regards to deciding a debate.

The trend began with folks like Genyosai putting his calculations in his blogs.

Posters such as ChaosTheory123, Cableguy15, and Brohan followed his lead. God Movement, Nevermind, willyvereb, Eldritch Sukima and LazyWaka were a few of the notables to follow their lead that year.

For a while the calc club tended to be small, generally limited to those individuals, but it expanded rapidly in 2012.

Now, pretty much everyone does them.

Hey, it's all part of the public service of educating others in math.

This list is of all the generally accepted, most recent (as in, they haven't been superseded by something else), and relevant (as in, they are useful for debate purposes, they are not outliers or bit feats, etc.) calculations in the OBD, designated by their respective series. 

Do note however that this list is not meant to be canonical, and their placement here does not make them infallible. Any appeals to its authority will therefore be mocked.


666 Satan

Satan Explosion (Endless Mike)

Shin's True Form Size (HeavyMetalThunder)

Whale Size and Shin's Beam (HeavyMetalThunder)

Archie Sonic

Archie Sonic Speed (Nevermind)

Asura's Wrath

Asura's striking strength (HeavyMetalThunder)

Asura the Destructor Flight Speed (HeavyMetalThunder)

The Destructor punches through a planet (HeavyMetalThunder)

Fortress Feats (HeavyMetalThunder)

Gohma Vlitra Explosion (HeavyMetalThunder)

Vlitra Feats (HeavyMetalThunder)


Gruntilda Falls (Nevermind)

Kazooie Breaks a Rock (Nevermind)


DS & Uriel's Adventures in Hell: Black Hole Edition (Nevermind)

Low-End Seraph Speed (Nevermind)

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver

Alkanphel's Destructive Capacity (Nevermind)

Alkanphel's Durability vs Comet (Nevermind)

Alkanphel's Speed vs Comet (Nevermind)

The Relic Gets Blown Away (HeavyMetalThunder)

Black Magic

Interplanetary Missile Yield (incomplete) (Nevermind)


- Gremmy Makes a Meteor (Regicide)

Hill Shockwave Speed (HeavyMetalThunder)

Chrono Trigger

Lavos Feats (Nevermind)


The Destroyer's Size (Nevermind, final result by Eldritch Sukima)

Island Scaling Final (Nevermind)

Riful's Hill Buster (Nevermind)

Riful's Speed Revisited (Nevermind)

Devil May Cry

Arius-Argosax makes a crater (HeavyMetalThunder)

Blitz' lightning form speed (HeavyMetalThunder)

Dante Bullet time (HeavyMetalThunder)

Dante destroys the hell's gate (HeavyMetalThunder)

Dante's explosion timing. (HeavyMetalThunder)

Dante's travel speed (DMC4 version)+Saviour arm speed (HeavyMetalThunder)

Legendary battle feats (HeavyMetalThunder)

Mallet island goes ka-boom (HeavyMetalThunder)

Mundus Creates a dimension (HeavyMetalThunder)

Raindrop Feat (HeavyMetalThunder)

Savior Levitates Some Stone (HeavyMetalThunder)

Vergil vs thugs (Manga) (HeavyMetalThunder)

Dragon Ball

GBE of King Kai's Planet (Nevermind)

King Kai's Full Planet GBE (Nevermind)

Namek's Planetary Parameters (Nevermind)

- Whis Takes Flight (Nevermind)


Got Rings, Bitch? (Nevermind)

Jedah's Destructive Capacity (Nevermind)

Pyron Busts a Planet (Nevermind)

Pyron's Projectile Speed (Nevermind)

Pyron's Speed (Nevermind)

DC Comics

- Action Man (Tacocat)

- Bart Allen: Monument Hopper Supreme (Tacocat)

Justice League of Aliens (Tacocat)

- Seeds of New Cronos (Tacocat)

- The Flash: High Velocity Dishwasher (Tacocat)

- Tim Drake catches some arrows (Tacocat)

- To be Superman (Tacocat)


Analysis of Nono's Buster Beam (Nevermind)

Diebuster's Ridiculous Attacks (Cableguy15)


- Atomic Blaster: Vengeance for Impmon (Tacocat)

- BanchoLeomon benches the Earth (Tacocat)

- Cursadermon vs MagnaGarurumon (Tacocat)

- Devimon busts File Island (Tacocat)

- Faildramon is better than you (Tacocat)

- Frontier Digidestined space travel (Tacocat)

- Frontier moon feats (Tacocat)

- Löwemon intercepts lightning (Tacocat)

- Ornismon's black lightning (Tacocat)

Power of Bonds! Defeat Neo and the 8 Digimemories! (Tacocat)

- Tamers finally gets a speed calc (Tacocat)

Tentomon vs Kimeramon (Tacocat)

- WarGreymon, Dark Master Slayer (Tacocat)

When the well is dry (Tacocat)

- Yggdrasil's crystals (Tacocat)

Deus Vitae

Lemiu Lights Up Planet (Nevermind)

Elder Scrolls

Rocks in the Sky Make for Bad Neighbors (Nevermind)

Fairy Tail

Jellal's meteor (Tacocat)


Type S Nova Yield (Nevermind)


Genocyber Feats (Nevermind)

Guilty Gear

Bridget's Instant Kill (Nevermind)

Justice's Speed (Nevermind)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/Xena: Warrior Princess

Dahak Causes a Solar Eclipse (Nevermind)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

- Joseph avoids castration (Tacocat)

Speech of Vengeance! Hang the Man with Two Right Hands (Tacocat)

Kingdom Hearts

He took the red one (Tacocat)

- Highwind flight speed (Tacocat)

- KH3D Dual Links (Alpha~13)

- Kingdom Hearts revised feats (Alpha~13)

- Mickey Mouse drops in (Alpha~13)

- Restoration of the worlds (Alpha~13)

- Riku drops a meteoroid (Tacocat)

- Shoot the Moon (Tacocat)

- Xemnas, Superior of the In-Between (Alpha~13)

- Zeus honors some true heroes (Tacocat)


Kinniku's Punch (Nevermind)

Kill la Kill

Ryuko and Satsuki Make Craters (Zenieth)

Ryuko Cuts Some Tennis Balls (Dartg)

Theoretical durability of the original Life Fiber (Tacocat)


Dark Matter Travels Through Space (Regicide)

Meta Knight Interplanetary Travel (Regicide)

Nova Tries to Ram the Planet (Regicide)

The Matrix

Neo's Reloaded Flight Speed (Nevermind)

Mario Bros.

Bowser's Airship (Nevermind)

Mario Throws King Bob-Omb (Nevermind)

Paper Mario - Speed of Star Spirits (Regicide)

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Fly Me to the Moon (Regicide)

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - The Shadow Queen Causes an Earthquake (Regicide)

Shake King's Speed (Nevermind)

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Battleship Libra's Yield (Nevermind)

Libra/Peacemillion-Earth Collision (Nevermind)

Ultimate Feats Compilation Part 1 (Nevermind)

Ultimate Feats Compilation Part 2 (Nevermind)

Wing Gundam Speed (Nevermind)


Hera Flies at the Speed of Thought (Nevermind)

Nanatsu no Taizai

Chapter One Badguy Cuts a Forest (Nightbringer)

Destruction of Bustee Dungeon (Sherlock)

Diane's Mother Catastrophe (Sherlock)

Geera's Fireball (Sherlock) 

- Lighting Timing (God Movement)

Twigo's Sword Slash (Sherlock)


Naruto Stops a Rhino (HeavyMetalThunder)


Aoko's beam energy (Endless Mike)

- Arcueid's Moon Drop (Nevermind)

Excalibur's Power (Willyvereb and ChaosTheory123)

Kiara's Giant Form KE (Oomura Yoshitsugu)

Pegasus' Speed (Sygurgh)

Return From the Horsehead Nebula Speed (Kazuakisama)

Saber vs Zero Lancer Speed (Willyvereb)

Saber's Armor Durability (Willyvereb)

Shirou uses Excalibur on the Grail (ChaosTheory123)

One Piece

Castle in the sky (Tacocat)

- Elephant Gatling re-calc (Tacocat)

- Size of Alabasta and OP Earth (Tacocat)

- Upper Yard re-scaling and resultant re-evaluations (Tacocat)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

- Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter (Tacocat)

Cold never bothered her anyway (Tacocat)

- Extreme Chariot Racing (Tacocat)

Flames of Hell (Tacocat)

- Hera gets revealing (Tacocat)

- Jason vs Enceladus (Tacocat)

- Kronos's time-stop damage (Tacocat)

- Kronos's timey wimey...stuff (Tacocat)

- Mellie breaks wind (Tacocat)

- Nico's crack swallows some skeletons (Tacocat)

- Percy Jackson: Cockblock Supreme (Tacocat)

- The Red Baron (Tacocat)

- To honor a Huntress (Tacocat)


- D/P Pikachu's speed (Tacocat)

- Garchomp's Hyperbeam (Tacocat)

Magikarp>You (Tacocat)

- Some Pokes nuke a Kyogre or something (Tacocat)

- Tentacool's Psybeams (Tacocat)

- Xerneas/Yveltal's bedtime massacre (Tacocat)


Precure Marine! Protect Blossom and Kanae's Precious Heart! (Tacocat)


Nora Drops the Hammer (Zenieth)

Yang's Fast (Zenieth)

Yang Goes Clubbing (Tacocat)

Sailor Moon

Sailor Saturn Drops the Silence Glaive (Nevermind)

Sailor Senshi Speed (Nevermind)

Saint Seiya

Aster Shield!+gold saint's physichal strength (HeavyMetalThunder)

Bronze Saint Flight Speed (Nevermind)

Elysion size (HeavyMetalThunder)

Hades' greatest eclipse (HeavyMetalThunder)

Saint Seiya Omega

Eden's Thunder Faracalos (HeavyMetalThunder)

Mars moves Mars (HeavyMetalThunder)

Mikene's finger push (HeavyMetalThunder)

S-Cry Ed

Kazuma/Ryuhou 2nd stage clash


Copy Rezo Shows Off (Nevermind)

Demona Crystal (Nevermind)

Dragon Slave (Nevermind)

- Feats Compilation (Nevermind)

Gaav's First Dimension Buster (Nevermind)

Let's Make a Sea! (Nevermind)

Lina Strength Feats (Nevermind)

- Lyos' Power (Nevermind)

- Movie Feats Compilation (Nevermind)

REVOLUTION Small Feats (Nevermind)

Super Dragon Slave/Other Feats (Nevermind)

TRY Loose Ends (Nevermind)


Where in the world is Milton Fine? (Tacocat)

Soul Eater

Early Feats (HeavyMetalThunder)

Gopher and Dem Hills (HeavyMetalThunder)

Space Dandy

Dandyline (Tacocat)

Star Fox

- A Couple of Feats (Nevermind)


Devil Jin's movement speed (HeavyMetalThunder)

Feng Wei's dragon fist (HeavyMetalThunder)

High tiers punching strength (HeavyMetalThunder)

Tenchi Muyo!

Tenchi Flies to Saturn (Nevermind)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan

- Galactic Smackdown! Anti-Spiral's Resolve versus a Man's Will! (Tacocat)

Giant Face Missles (Tacocat)

Giant Face Thing Destroys a Planet (Dartg)

Infinity Big Bang Storm (Dartg)

loldrill size (Tacocat)

- Make way, cannon fodder! Who the hell do you think he is? (Tacocat)

Teppelin Hammer (Tacocat)

- This is a Man's Soul! King Kittan's Giga Drill Breaker! (Tacocat)

Various Space Speed Feats (Dartg)

Various Space Speed Feats (Again) (Tacocat)

- Your Drill will break through the bedrock! (Tacocat)

To Aru

Brahma Astra (Regicide)

Curtana Original (Regicide)

Griffin Skies (Regicide)

GUTS > Lightning (Regicide)

Hel Freezes Over (Regicide) 

Kanzaki Kaori Speed (Greed)

Komaba Speed (Shiorin) 

Railgun Power (Regicide)

The Star of Bethlehem (Regicide)


3 Ren Kugi Punch (Toriko)

Coco's Mold Spear (Toriko)

Death Falls Arc Toriko Punches (Toriko)

Gourmet World Beast Size (Feebas_Factor)

Honey Prison Monster Size (Toothless)

Jirou and Toriko Ball Z (Toriko)

Leg Boomerang Speed (Toriko)

Planet Size (Fluttershy)

Reacting to a Cactus Needle (Toriko)

Regal Mammoth Bite (Toriko)

Toriko Ice Boulder (Toriko)

Yuda Leaves Not One Millimeter of Ass Unkicked (Toriko)


G1 Galvatron's Speed (Nevermind)

Young Justice

- Impulse visits Santa Claus (Tacocat)

Justice League on trial (Tacocat)

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