Speed is the statistic that is based on how fast a character can move within a given amount of time. This is distinct from reactions since the former is about the speed of movement, not the speed in which a character can take action. However, a character's reaction speed being at least equal to their movement speed is typically the rule, cases where characters with reactions slower than their movements are the exception.

  Below are the speed ratings in which can determine a character's speed rating.
- Immobile: Characters who cannot move independently from their starting position at all.
- Below Human: Slower than the typical human such as ground insects and even slower, about less than 5 m/s.
- Human: Typical speeds of a normal human, about 5 to 9.8 m/s.
- Peak Human: Olympic champions and world record breaking anomalies that are possible for humans in the real world, about 9.8 to 17.89 m/s.
- Superhuman: Speeds found in most ground vehicles and all animals in the world that are faster than humans, about 17.89 to 89 m/s.
- Faster than the Eye: Anything that moves too fast for human vision to keep up with at close ranges, about mach 0.262 to less than mach 1 or 89 to less than 340 m/s.
- Transonic: The speed of sound in the atmosphere at sea level, about mach 1 or 340 m/s.
- Supersonic: Anything above mach 1 to less than mach 5.
- Hypersonic: About mach 5 to anything less than mach 100.
- Massively Hypersonic: About mach 100 to anything less than mach 1000.

- Massively Hypersonic+: Anything that is Mach 1000 to anything less than mach 8810.
- Sub-relativistic: Anything that is Mach 8,810 to anything less than mach 81,000. (0.01 to less than 0.1 c)
- Relativistic: Anything from 0.1 to less than 1 c.
- Speed of Light: Anything that is 1 c.
- FTL: Anything above 1 c to less than 1,000 c.
- Massively FTL: About 1,000 c up to all finite values below infinity.
- Infinite: Movement in which any distance can be crossed instantly with absolutely 0 travel time, akin to pseudo teleportation via pure speed alone. On the scale, this basically means speed whose value is infinitely faster than light. Unlike immeasurable speed, characters with infinite speed are still confined to space and time even though everything they do happens in a literal instant.
- Immeasurable: Movement with complete disregard for linear time, ignoring one of the fundamental principles of conventional speed since even infinite speed still operates on travel time over a distance, just that the value of time is 0. This level applies to characters whose very nature allows them to move beyond and above the bounds of space and time. Whereas infinite speed creates the illusion of psuedo spatial omnipresence, immeasurable effectively creates the illusion of pseudo spatial and temporal omnipresence. Characters who are explicitly stated and shown to exist on a higher reality/plane above space and time qualify.
- Irrelevant: Movement in which all concepts of space and time whether conventional or transcendental are rendered null on this level. This is usually reserved to the highest level cosmic beings whose existence is above and beyond all cosmological concepts and laws such as motion, dimensions, realities, universes, multiverses, etc. This transcends all levels of infinity, even going beyond limits that characters with immeasurable speed are bound to as they are above the necessity of speed. In other words, reserved to omniverse level characters.
- Omnipresent: Not really a level of speed so much as a state of existence. They are effectively similar to being infinite or immeasurable since they occupy all parts of a given space or/and time. Further clarifications should always be made nonetheless such as being omnipresent across only space, time or both at once as well as scale of omnipresence such as planetary, galactic, universal, multiversal, etc.

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