The picture needs to be this large to contain Acqua's manliness.
The picture needs to be this large to contain Acqua's manliness.

Name: William Orwell, Acqua of the Back, Flere210
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Magician, Dual Saint
Age: Likely in his mid 30s
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, durability, stamina, senses, and agility, water manipulation, ice manipulation, veteran instincts bordering precognition
Weaknesses: As Saints take on the properties of the Son of God, he inherits the Son of God's weaknesses and is vulnerable to weapons like spears
Destructive Capacity: City level+ | City level+ (was able to match Carissa's strikes, attacks should be at least comparable to Hel)
Range: Several meters in close combat, dozens of meters using magic
Speed: At least Massively hypersonic (should be comparable to Gunha) with relativistic combat speed | At least massively hypersonic combat speed (able to keep up with Knight Leader)
Durability: City level+ | City level+
Lifting Strength: Class M+ | Class M+
Striking Strength: Class PJ | Class PJ
Stamina: High, was able to fight off both Kanzaki and the Amakusas | Superhuman (at least on par with other Saints)
Standard Equipment: Giant mace | Ascalon
Intelligence: Above average. Excellent strategist and veteran mercenary.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Stigma: The blessing of God which designates a person as a Saint. Someone born as a Saint possesses properties similar to the Son of God and can therefore express superhuman abilities and strength, as well as gain exceptional luck. However, as Saints have similar characteristics to the Son of God, they also have their weaknesses.

- Divine Mother's Mercy: An innate ability of Acqua, and something which is strengthened further as a member of God's Right Seat who is aligned to archangel Gabriel. It allows him to "negate punishments", granting him the ability to use normal magic spells despite them being unavailable to the magicians of God's Right Seat, and allows Acqua to use twice the power of a normal Saint without negative side effects.

- Rune magic: Acqua is capable of utilizing rune magic to control and manipulate water in various forms to attack, such as ice spears, vacuum cuts, and giant water hammers. His main non-offensive magic is a movement spell that creates a thin layer of water between his feet and the ground, allowing him to glide along the ground instead of running and maintaining his high speed.

- Ascalon: A giant sword that is 3.5 meters long and weighs over 200 kilograms. It was the creation of an artist who calculated out the necessary values to construct a weapon capable of slaying a theoretical 50-foot dragon. As a result, it is a sword that comprises seven different weapons, and Ascalon will glow a different color to correspond to whichever one is currently being used. The individual parts include an axe-like blade, a razor-like blade, a churchkey spike in the blade, a coping saw-like wire, a giant saw on the back, a hooked spike attached to the pommel, and a close-combat spike near the grip. In addition, the larger blade can be detached to reveal a smaller grand sword inside that can be launched from the grip through a thin wire, and can then be turned into a giant mace. Furthermore, the grip is able to fire a small dart as a projectile.

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Other: Not to be confused with the Kingdom Hearts character with the same name.

Key: Dual Saint | Weakened