Hakai Dragon Ball Super

Also Called:

- Erasure
- Delete/deletion
- Matter/energy destruction

A powerful and broken offensive technique that enables the user to violate the first law of thermodynamics (which states that matter and energy can neither be created or destroyed) and erase a target completely from existence, leaving nothing remaining. This is an excellent way to defeat beings capable of regeneration.

In some cases this power can be resisted by strong enough targets. High-end versions of this ability can erase not only energy and matter but things like spirits, space, time, and even concepts. A related ability is the power to erase something completely from history, so that it not only ceases to exist, but will have never existed in the first place. This power can sometimes overlap with time travel and temporal paradoxes, as going back in time and destroying a target in the past to eliminate it in the present/future can have similar results to the retroactive version of existence erasure, although it is usually not as efficient and effective.


- Erase enemies
- Erase enemy attacks to protect oneself or others
- Erase objects or barriers in your way


- Being acausal
- Being an abstract being
- Sufficiently powerful reality warping
- Regeneration beyond the power's ability to erase (i.e. regeneration from other dimensions or timelines if it can only erase things in one dimension or timeline)
- Sufficiently high levels of immortality
- Being unable to be targeted by the attack or being able to escape it (like most of these this depends on the mechanics of the techniques involved)

Examples of characters who can use Existence Erasure:

- Most non-specialized reality warpers (such as Dormmamu from Marvel Comics)
- The Asgardian Destroyer from Marvel Comics
- Gods of Destruction and Zen-o from Dragon Ball Super
- Users of the Koukai Gyoku from Flame of Recca
- Light Hawk Wing users from Tenchi Muyo!
- The Lady of Pain from Dungeons & Dragons
- The Stands Cream and The Hand from Jojo\'s Bizarre Adventure
- The Arc-en-ciel cannon from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
- Ukoku Sanzo from Saiyuki
- Some of the Paopei from Houshin Engi, such as the Rikukonhan and the Shihouken (the latter of which accomplishes this via probability manipulation)

Examples of characters who can use Retroactive Existence Erasure:

- Many reality warpers (such as Oblivion from Marvel Comics)
- Darkseid from DC Comics (he can also use the normal version as well)
- High-end civilizations such as the Time Lords from Doctor Who
- The Krenim Temporal Weapon from Star Trek
- Crimson Lords from Shakugan no Shana
- The Ultimate Nullifier from Marvel Comics (also capable of the first type)
- Balefire users from the Wheel of Time series