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Sub-sand is the name given by Endless Mike to a very odd idea created by the poster Gohan (then known as Gaara_of_the_sand). In a thread in the Anime/Manga Battledome involving a fight between Gaara from Naruto and Sir Crocodile from One Piece, Endless Mike stated that Crocodile would win by citing the fact that Gaara has the weakness of a human body, which Crocodile, as a logia, can easly kill. Conversely, Gaara could not do anything to harm Crocodile's sand body.

Gaara_of_the_sand responsed with a bizarre post in which he suggested that Gaara could use his own sand to crush Crocodile's sand, somehow killing him. Endless Mike coined the term 'sub-sand' for this idea in his response. Ever since then, sub-sand became an OBD meme, used as an example of ridiculous/nonsensical arguments in vs. debates.

The fallacy goes something like this:
- Gaara is made of flesh and blood.
- Crocodile is made of a crystalline compound.
- Anything that is matter can be crushed with enough energy, helped that Gaara's sand is said to be a special sort of sand that's stronger and faster.
- Despite the fact that Gaara has never been shown to do this or that Crocodile can create sand from thin air and reform with any sand nearby or that Crocodile won't stand around doing nothing and can crush, slash, pierce, dehydrate, smash and kill Gaara in many ways without any counters.

Link to discussion here.