The hero of the Brood

Origin: Breath of Fire III
Gender: Male
Classification: Brood, Thief, Wanderer, Prince of Dragons
Age: 16 (might technically be a lot older, depending on how long he was sleeping inside the chrysm crystal)
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and endurance, enhanced senses (can hear the voices of his people sealed inside chrysms), expert swordsman, magic, regeneration (low-high; as a child he was capable of regenerating from being stabbed somewhere in the chest or abdomen by Sunder and with the power of Infinity it could heal and regenerate entire bodies being shattered into pieces), healing (in the form of Heal, Rejuvenate, Vitalize, Restore and Vigor), can cure all negative ailments (in the form of Purify and Remedy), can give physical or magical enhanced durability/barrier creation (in the form of Protect, Shield and Barrier), resurrection (in the form of Raise Dead and Resurrect), time stop (in the form of Hourglass), can imbue his sword with deadly energy (in the form of Bonebreak/Terra Break), lightning manipulation via Royal Sword, incredible willpower, can harm non-corpereal beings, likely negate regeneration (killed Elder Jono who had the Infinity power), has the ability to transform into a variety of dragons that further enhances his physical abilities, and gives him additional abilities that consists of flight, elemental manipulation and elemental breath attacks (of the fire, ice, lightning, wind, lava/magma, holy, and darkness variety), energy manipulation and energy breath attacks (in the form of Ebonfire, Whelp Breath and Dragon Breath), poison manipulation and poison breath attack (in the form of Chlorine and Venom Breath), can enhance his power and speed (in the form of Might and Speed), can make a giant tangible afterimage to attack with holy element that does twice the damage (in the form of Aura), can lower durability (in the form of Disembowel), can summon meteors (in the form of Meteor Strike), can summon various pottery/cutlery as projectiles (in the form of Blitz), can inflict instant death (in the form of Death and Shadow Breath), size shifting (in the form of Giant Growth), can inflict confusion (in the form of Howling), elemental resistance/immunity/absorption (of the fire, water, ice, lightning, wind, earth, lava/magma, holy, and darkness variety), resistance against magic, and resistance against all negative ailments, with the Fusion gene he can fuse with one of his party members to transform into a hybrid dragon that grants many abilities and quality traits (his party members stay intact), some with the previous abilities but with the additional abilities that consist of; can give physical and magical enhancements or reductions (in the form of Might, Speed, Protect and Temptation), can summon planetoid comets and nukes (in the form of Ragnarok and Combustion), can teleport that also increases his attack power (in the form of Shadowwalk), can induce sleep with one of his breath attack (in the form of Dream Breath), can cause earthquakes (in the form of Quake); can potentially copy/learn/gain abilities by examining enemies or by being taught by a master, these abilities consist of; more enhanced senses (in the form of Mind’s Eye), incredible leg strength (in the form of Jump, Charge, Air Raid and Flying Kick), more elemental manipulation (of the fire, water, ice, lightning, wind, explosion, earth, lava/magma, holy and darkness variety), energy manipulation (in the form of Magic Ball), more healing (in the form of Cure, Rest and Snooze), more resurrection (in the form of Benediction), can give physical or magical enhancements or reductions (in the form of Berserk, Enlighten, Meditation, Focus, Celerity, Mind Flay and Last Resort), can inflict blindness (in the form of Blind), can summon a bone as a projectile that causes confusion (in the form of Bone Dart), can find hidden items (in a form of Identify), can have a technique that is lethal to demons/devils (in the form of Demonbane), can make someone weak to fire (in the form of Douse), can inflict paralysis (in the form of Evil Eye), can induce sleep (in the form of Frost Strike), can turn someone into an undead (in the form of Gloom), can manipulate the minds of the weak minded creatures (in the form of Influence), can cancel someone’s movement (in the form of Intimidate), can generate a rainbow that kills undead (in the form of Kyrie), can generate spectral swords (in the form of Mind Sword), barrier creation (in the form of Resist), can restore energy/magic power (in the form of Rest and Snooze), can self-destruct (in the form of Sacrifice), can dispel all support magic (in the form of Sanctuary), can teleport that also increases his attack power (in the form of Shadowwalk), can make a giant tangible afterimage to attack with holy element that does twice the damage (in the form of Aura), can magically steal an item (in the form of Steal), can cause instant death (in the form of Sudden Death), can unmotivate someone (in the form of Unmotivate)
Weaknesses: His Kaiser form will cause him to be berserk unless combining the Infinity Gene with either the Failure Gene (producing a weaker but controllable Kaiser) or the Radiance Gene and Trance Gene (producing a more powerful and controllable Kaiser).
Destructive Capacity: Planet level (far superior to his ancestors or other Broods with the same name, has obtained the full power of his clan, defeated Goddess Myria together with his party members without relying on a massive fusion form, Goddess Myria who split two continents apart in BoF3. In BoF1, there are six Goddess Keys that the Goddess Myria was sealed away into, each with a portion of her power that is capable of causing earthquakes anywhere on the planet, turning night to day, and day to night, turning spring into a perpetual winter, and another one capable of manipulating time and space. Goddess Myria was so fearful of the Brood’s power that she was sure they could easily destroy the world. Before acquiring the Infinity Gene, Ryu, without using his dragon forms, had to defeat Elder Jono in his dragon form empowered by Infinity. Also, Ryu’s Behemoth form can summon a meteorite, and his Hybrid form with Momo can summon a planetoid comet)
Range: Extended melee range with a sword, several dozens of meters to planetary with magic and breath attacks
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (far superior to Judas, who can casually dodge lightning from BoF1, you also have cannon fodder bandits reacting to Nina’s lightning magic from BoF2, and the BoF2 party outran an explosion), likely higher (Ryu has fought machines and robots that can shoot lasers)
Durability: Planet level
Lifting Strength: Superhuman+, Class P with Meteor Strike/Ragnarok
Striking Strength: Class XJ
Stamina: High, was able to cross the Desert of Death without any issue
Standard Equipment: His best sword is either the GooKing Sword or the Royal Sword (this has lightning element imbued and can cast lightning magic with it), his best armor is Life Armor (grants the user to regenerate), and accessories that grant elemental immunity/absorption, resistance against negative ailments, passive barrier creation, regeneration, auto-resurrection, and physical and magical enhancements
Intelligence: He is a self-taught skilled swordsman who can fight monsters and enemies twice his size as a child and has even fought in a tournament. He has been taught thievery by his brothers (Rei and Teepo), is knowledgeable in using support and healing magic, is capable of learning abilities or magic just by observing, and is knowledgeable in fishing.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Heal: Ryu heals light wounds on one target

- Purify: Ryu cures poison.

- Protect: Ryu increases the target's physical defense.

- Rejuvenate: Ryu heals medium wounds on one target.

- Shield: Ryu increases all target's physical defense.

- Raise Dead: Ryu has a chance of restoring a dead member.

- Remedy: Ryu cures all status ailments.

- Vitalize: Ryu heals medium wounds on all targets.

- Barrier: Ryu increases the target's magic defense

- Restore: Ryu heals heavy wounds on one target.

- Resurrect: Ryu successfully restores a dead member.

- Vigor: Ryu heals heavy wounds on all targets

- Bonebreak/Terra Break: Ryu deals a deadly blow to a single target that can only be used in intervals.

- Accession: Ryu taps into his Brood power to transform into various dragons by using the Dragon Genes he absorbed on his journey. Dragon Genes are the spirits, and the essence of deceased dragons turned into purple pentagon-shaped or circular Chrysm ore. Ryu can combine three Dragon Genes into a mighty dragon. In addition, Dragon Genes give him certain elemental powers such as Flame Gene for flame, Frost Gene for frost, Thunder Gene for electric, Shadow Gene for shadow or poison, Radiance Gene for holy, or other Dragon Genes that give physical or magical enhancements.

  • - Flame: Grants a Flame property. Used for becoming Trygon.
  • - Frost: Grants a Frost property. Used for becoming Trygon.
  • - Thunder: Grants an Electric property. Used for becoming Trygon.
  • - Shadow: Grants a Shadow property. Used for becoming Super Peco Hybrid when combined with Fusion.
  • - Radiance: Grants a Radiant property. Used for Complete Kaiser.
  • - Force: Grants a form emphasizing Power. Used for becoming Myrmidion, also Super Rei Hybrid when combined with Fusion.
  • - Defender: Grants a form emphasizing Defence.
  • - Eldritch: Grants a form emphasizing Intelligence. Used for becoming Super Nina Hybrid when combined with Fusion.
  • - Miracle: Grants a form emphasizing size. Used for becoming Wildfire or Mammoth.
  • - Gross: Enhance abilities.
  • - Thorn: Enhances special characteristics. Used for becoming Wildfire.
  • - Reverse: Reverses abilities and properties. Used for becoming Wildfire.
  • - Mutant: Randomizes abilities and properties. Used for becoming Pygmy
  • - ???: Used for becoming Mammoth or Pygmy, also Super Momo Hybrid when combined with Fusion.
  • - Trance: Used for becoming Tiamat, Myrmidon or Complete Kaiser.
  • - Failure: Used to become a basic Whelp or Failure Kaiser if combined with Infinity.
  • - Fusion: Combines power with allies. Used for becoming Hybrid.
  • - Infinity: Unleashes the full power of the Brood to become Kaiser. If combined with Radiance and Trance, Ryu becomes Complete Kaiser.

- Whelp/Wildfire: Whelp is Ryu's basic natural small Dragon form. He can turn into other elemental versions using a single elemental Dragon Gene. Whelp gives him slightly more endurance and twice the physical power. He can produce his Whelp Breath by breathing fire or a more potent version with Flame Breath. Depending on the Dragon Gene, Whelp can produce Frost Breath, Thunder Breath, Shadow Breath, or Divine Breath. It can coat its claws or bite attacks with those elements and become immune to them. Whelp can also cause blindness and poison. Ryu can form an enhanced form of Whelp named Wildfire by combining the Miracle Gene, Thorn Gene and Reverse Gene. Though this form reduces Ryu's endurance and only has the standard Whelp Breath, it grants him immunity to all elemental damage, status effects, and increased power. Wildfire is very vulnerable to holy elements.

- Dragon/Trygon: Dragon is a Ryu's large, more potent adult Dragon form. The most frequent result is combining two or more Dragon Genes. Dragons' abilities and physical stats are generally higher than those of Whelps. For example, they can breathe a more substantial fire with Dragon Breath that resembles a laser beam, and the same with Whelp, a more potent version with Flame Breath and other elemental breath attacks mentioned on Whelp. It can make the exact attacks as Whelp but stronger. Dragon can also lower someone's guard with Snap and counter any attack with Counter. By combining Flame Gene, Frost Gene and Thunder Gene, Ryu turns into a particular variant of the Dragon form named Trygon, a gold dragon that improves overall physical stats, the ability to breathe all three elements and become immune to those three elements.

- Behemoth/Mammoth: Behemoth is a colossal dragon transformation formed using the Miracle Gene, which trades off speed for tremendous physical strength and endurance. It can ram into foes with Charge. In addition, Behemoth has powerful earth magic and can call forth meteors. Ryu can combine the elemental Dragon Genes for elemental attacks and immunities. A unique form of Behemoth called Mammoth is created by mixing Miracle Gene with ??? Gene for a more drastic increase in physical stats and has the power to grow even more significantly.

- Warrior/Myrmidon: Warrior is a dragon transformation that looks relatively human with dragon wings, claws, lower body, and tail. Ryu uses a range of Dragon Genes sub-types, including the Force Gene. The form has very high strength on par with Behemoth but is not as durable and doubles Ryu's speed. It can consist of other elemental Dragon Genes for elemental strikes. This form focuses on physical attacks and can boost its power with Focus, Gambit, and Aura. Aura makes a large afterimage that punches foes with holy damage. By mixing the Force Gene with the Trance Gene, Ryu can transform into a stronger variant, Myrmidon. Myrmidon can access all the elemental strikes without relying on the elemental Dragon Genes and generate an omnidirectional blast with Aura Burst.

- Hybrid: Hybrid is a unique dragon transformation where Ryu fuses with the power of one of his allies by using the Fusion Gene, and his allies stay intact. Depending on which ally, it gives him enormous stats in either endurance, magic or speed. Also, he inherits his ally's abilities and more. Even become a Super Hybrid with certain Dragon Gene combinations (see Accession). When combined with Momo, Hybrid can summon planetoid comets and nuke missiles. With Nina, all her elemental magic. With Rei, wind magic and teleportation. With Peco, inflicting sleep, poison and generating earthquakes.

- Pygmy: Pygmy is a unique and tiny dragon transformation with a greater "cuteness factor" than the Whelp forms. Ryu transforms into Pygmy by combining the Mutant Gene with ??? Gene. Pygmy's strength and endurance drastically decrease, but in return is extremely fast and agile with a powerful breath attack that spews magma with Magma Breath.

- Tiamat: Tiamat is Ryu's unique mighty enormous Dark Dragon transformation by combining Shadow Gene with Trance Gene. Tiamat has an overall increase in physical stats and mighty shadow and venom breath attacks. It can summon a tsunami of molten lava and is immune to all status effects and earth elements but vulnerable to holy elements.

- Kaiser: Kaiser is Ryu's ultimate dragon form by mixing Infinity Gene with Radiance Gene and Trance Gene to gain complete control. Without Radiance Gene and Trance Gene, Ryu would no longer gain complete control and become berserk. The Infinity Gene is said to grant the user the full power of the Brood. At first, Ryu's form does not change into a dragon. Instead, his hair becomes golden, and his eyes become red. Ryu's abilities and physical stats are at his best, even in this state. He can also transform into a giant dragon. Kaiser is immune to all status effects and is highly resistant to all elemental attacks. Kaiser Breath's breath attack is equivalent to a nuclear blast. It can even confuse foes with a simple roar.

  • - Whelp Breath: Ryu fires a basic flame breath.
  • - Dragon Breath: Ryu fires a large energy beam from his mouth.
  • - Blind: Ryu attacks his foe, which causes blindness.
  • - Snap: Ryu repeatedly bites his foes, which decreases their defense
  • - Flame Breath: Ryu fires a large fire breath.
  • - Flame Claw: Ryu strikes with his claws, dealing fire damage.
  • - Inferno: Ryu makes the ground erupt with pillars of inferno, inflicting massive fire damage on all foes.
  • - Ebonfire: Ryu generates a non-elemental fire.
  • - Frost Breath: Ryu fires a large ice breath.
  • - Frost Claw: Ryu strikes with his claws, dealing ice damage.
  • - Blizzard: Ryu makes the ground erupt with spiky frost pillars, inflicting massive ice damage on all foes.
  • - Thunder Breath: Ryu fires a large lightning breath.
  • - Thunder Claw: Ryu strikes with his claws, dealing lightning damage.
  • - Myollnir: Ryu summons a large lightning strike from above, inflicting massive lightning damage on all foes.
  • - Shadow Breath: Ryu fires a ball of shadow energy from his mouth that expands with spectral skeletons rising from the ground, dealing instant death to all foes.
  • - Chlorine: Ryu emits a poisonous gas, inflicting poison and damage.
  • - Death: Ryu generates spectral butterflies that instantly kill the foe.
  • - Divine Breath: Ryu exhales, only for a holy pillar of light to rain down on all foes.
  • - Shining Claw: Ryu strikes with his claws, dealing holy damage.
  • - Aura: Ryu projects a holy giant afterimage that strikes a foe from a distance, dealing massive holy damage.
  • - Focus: Ryu drastically raises his attack power.
  • - Meteor Strike: Ryu summons a meteor down upon his foes, dealing massive damage.
  • - Blitz: Ryu fires various pottery and cutlery at his foes.
  • - Charge: Ryu charges at his foes with full force.
  • - Typhoon: Ryu creates a wind storm that damages all foes.
  • - Lightning: Ryu summons several lightning from above, dealing lightning damage to all foes.
  • - Sirocco: Ryu rains down numerous explosions upon his foes, dealing massive damage.
  • - Temptation: Ryu fires several love hearts to charm his foes while lowering their physical stats and inflicting confusion. 
  • - Speed: Ryu raises a target's agility.
  • - Might: Ryu raises a target's power.
  • - Ragnarok: Ryu summons a giant planetoid comet onto his opponents that explode and deals massive damage.
  • - Combustion: Ryu fires a missile nuke from his body to explode upon his enemy.
  • - Shadowwalk: Ryu teleports to his foes to deal a critical blow.
  • - Tempest: Ryu rains down several wind energy projectiles upon his foe.
  • - Hurricane: Same as Tempest.
  • - Dream Breath: Ryu fires a sonic frequency from his mouth to inflict sleep on his foes.
  • - Venom Breath: Ryu spews toxic gas from his mouth to inflict poison on his foes.
  • - Geo Breath: Ryu, while fused with Peco, drives his tail into the ground that rises up from the other side to emit a devastating shockwave and earthquake, dealing damage to all foes.
  • - Gaea's Breath: Same as Geo Breath.
  • - Magma Breath: Ryu fires numerous magma balls from his mouth that explode upon his foes.
  • - Doom Breath: Ryu breathes out a tsunami of molten lava to deal damage to his foes.
  • - Flame Strike: Ryu strikes with his fist, dealing fire damage.
  • - Frost Strike: Ryu strikes with his fist, dealing ice damage.
  • - Thunder Strike: Ryu strikes with his fist, dealing lightning damage.
  • - Wind Strike: Ryu strikes with his fist, dealing wind damage.
  • - Holy Strike: Ryu strikes with his fist, dealing holy damage.
  • - Aura Burst: Ryu emits an omnidirectional blast of holy damage upon his foes.
  • - Giant Growth: Ryu grows in size and attacks numerous targets at once.
  • - Kaiser Breath: Ryu turns into a giant Kaiser dragon to deal massive damage with his breath attack.
  • - Howling: Ryu inflicts confusion on all foes.

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Kaiser in its humanoid form

Kaiser as a dragon