The first Ryu, where it all began

Ryu, he is referred to as "Zack" in the North American GBA release
Origin: Breath of Fire
Gender: Male
Classification: Brood/Light Dragon Clan, Wanderer, Chosen Dragon Warrior
Age: 16 | 18
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and endurance, enhanced senses, magic, expert swordsman, expert in using a boomerang, can inflict more damage against demons (in the form of Dark Dagger), can inflict more damage against flying enemies (in the form of Tri-Rang), can grant speed enhancements (in the form of Agi-Up with Power Rapier), fire manipulation (in the form of Char with Emperor Sword), can breath underwater (in the form of Attachable Gills), can understand any language (in the form of Listening Hood), can enter people’s dreams (in the form of Therapy Pillow), can harm non-corpereal beings, regeneration (low-mid; his descendant, child Ryu from BoF3 somehow survived being stabbed by Balio and Sunder, and his wounds seem to heal after he transformed into his Whelp form), has the ability to transform into variety of dragons that further enhances his physical abilities, and gives him additional abilities that consists of flight, elemental manipulation and elemental breath attacks (of the fire, ice, lightning, and holy variety), elemental resistance/absorption (of the fire, ice, lightning, earth, and holy variety), resistance against explosion magic, resistance against paralysis, and resistance against instant death, can fuse with all of his allies to transform into the ultimate dragon Infinity/Agni (it’s the only way to truly defeat Goddess Myria to get the canon Good Ending) and can reveal someones true form, can generate earthquakes anywhere on the planet (in the form of Earth Key), can turn day to night and night to day (in the form of Dark Key and Light Key), weather manipulation (in the form of Sky Key), time and spatial manipulation (in the form of Time Key) | He can fire an actual dragon out of his sword, can form a sword with some sort of light with a broken sword, can fuse his allies magic with his attack to form an enormous white dragon, highly resistant to the cold
Weaknesses: His strongest dragon form Agni is considered a fusion and will only work if all of his allies are available
Destructive Capacity: Planet level (has acquired and fought against enemies that have used the six Goddess Keys that the Goddess Myria was sealed away into, that are capable of causing earthquakes anywhere on the planet, turning night to day, and day to night, turning spring into a perpetual winter, and another one capable of manipulating time and space. Ryu and his party has even fought against Goddess Myria, who split two continents apart in BoF3) | Same (defeated the Ice Dragon King with the combined efforts of Deis and Gilliam, Goddess Myria apparently feared the Ice Dragon King so much that she used half of her power to seal him away)
Range: Extended human melee range with his swords, several meters with a boomerang, hundreds of meters with magic, several kilometers with breath attacks, planetary with the Goddess Keys
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (defeated Judas, who at the beginning of the game was casually dodging lightning magic from Ryu’s sister) | Same
Durability: Planet level | Same (tanked an attack from the Ice Dragon King, although he had to be healed by Nina afterwards)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman+ | Same
Striking Strength: Class XJ | Same
Stamina: High
Standard Equipment: His sword Emperor Sword, boomerang Tri-Rang, Dragon Shield (grants the user fire resistance), Life Armor (grants the user to regenerate), Dragon Helmet, Attachable Gills, Listening Hood, Therapy Pillow, and all the Goddess Keys (Earth Key, King Key, Dark Key, Light Key, Sky Key, and Time Key)
Intelligence: Highly skilled warrior, his first major action is to walk into a castle infested by monsters by himself (this is before he gains any of his dragon forms), head straight to the throne room, and kill the boss monster, thus freeing the town.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Snow Drake/Snow Pup: Transform's Ryu into Snow Drake/Snow Pup - weak frost attack on one enemy via Frost.

- Flame Drake/Flame Pup: Transform's Ryu into Flame Drake/Flame Pup - weak flame attack on one enemy via Flame/Flare.

- Thunder Drake/Thunder Pup: Transform's Ryu into Thunder Drake/Thunder Pup - weak thunder attack on one enemy via Fry.

- Ice Dragon: Transform's Ryu into Ice Dragon - strong ice attack on all enemies via IceX.

- Fire Dragon: Transform's Ryu into Fire Dragon - strong fire attack on all enemies via Char.

- Bolt Dragon: Transform's Ryu into Bolt Dragon - strong lightning attack on all enemies via Gale.

- Gold Dragon/Holy Dragon: Transform's Ryu into Gold Dragon - strong holy attack against all undead enemies via ZomX.

- Rudra/Kaiser: Transform's Ryu into Rudra/Kaiser - strong attack by using a small squadron of flaming mini-dragons (apparently a non-elemental attack) to attack all enemies.

- Agni: Transform's Ryu into Agni - most powerful dragon, causes a major earthquakes and lightning attack (apparently a non-elemental attack) to attack all enemies.

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Ryu's baby dragon form

Ryu's adult dragon form

Ryu's Rudra/Kaiser form with his toothy grin

Ryu's Agni form looking ready to punch some hoe

Key: Game | Breath of Fire - Tsubasa no Oujo