♪ You know I'm bad, I'm bad, shamon (really really bad) ♪

Name: Jonathon "Johnny" Blaze/Ghost Rider
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Brimstone Biker/Spirit of Vengeance
Age: Unknown, late 30's or early 40's
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, stamina, telepathy, soul manipulation, teleportation, illusion creation, fire manipulation, regeneration (mid), can mindfuck people with the Penance Stare, transmutation
Weaknesses: Can only can transform through an act of will or when innocent blood is spilled, his power is normally limited by the host he is using
Destructive Capacity: At least large building level+, likely much higher (His powers aren't typically focused on destruction due to their soulfucking properties)
Range: Several dozen meters
Speed: Peak human+ movement speed, Potentially FTL reactions/attack speed (has managed to catch a flying Mjolnir and react to Thor)
Durability: Planet level (tanks punches from World War Hulk, stated by Doctor Strange to be indestructible when at full power)
Lifting Strength: Class 25
Striking Strength: Class GJ+
Stamina: The mystical energy that empowers Ghost Rider prevents his muscles from producing fatigue toxins during physical activities, granting him limitless superhuman stamina.
Standard Equipment: His motorcycle, currently a mystic chain. Formerly a shotgun, pistols and knives
Intelligence: Was a stunt daredevil, and was born in Waukegan, Illinois, is also a formidable hand to hand combatant and has become quite adept at using his powers in combat situations
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Hellfire Manipulation: Ghost Rider possesses the ability to generate, control, and project mystical fire, or "hellfire" at will. Hellfire is an emphyreal and supernatural flame that burns the soul of a person and can be used to burn their physical body. He can utilize this fire in various ways, including projecting it from his eyes, hands, mouth, or even channeling it from his body into his weapons like his shotgun, form walls of hellfire, and even create a motorcycle completely out of hellfire.

- Mystical Chain Projection: Ghost Rider wields a mystical chain that is capable of growing in length, cutting through almost anything, and transforming into other weapons. He can also spew and project chains from his mouth or chest at will.

- Penance Stare: Ghost Rider possesses the supernatural ability to cause any individual who stares into his eyes to see and feel every bit of pain they have ever inflicted on anyone in their entire lifetime. His Penance Stare has managed to incinerate angels for simply lying to him.

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Other: There are many versions of Ghost Rider, this profile deals with the Johny Blaze version of Ghost Rider in the main 616 Marvel universe, and not the Zarathos/Spirit of Vengeance persona.