This page is for listing errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting which are commonly made and simple to fix. If you see a page containing any of these errors, please fix them, and also try to avoid making them yourself.

1. Confusing "a" for "an" (I'm looking at you, Greed). "A" is used before a subject beginning with a consonant. "An" is used before a subject beginning with a vowel. A helpful tip is using the way the beginning of the word sounds. It's "a unicorn" because the beginning of "unicorn" makes the "yoo" sound with the letter "y." It's "an honor" because the "h" is silent and the "ohh" sound is the way it begins.


A town (correct)
An town (incorrect)
A ocean (incorrect)
An ocean (correct)

2. Missing spaces. When starting a new sentence or before putting something in parentheses, always include a space.


This is the first sentence.This is the second sentence. (incorrect)
This is the first sentence. This is the second sentence. (correct)
Information(in parentheses) (incorrect)
Information (in parentheses) (correct).

3. The difference between "its" and "it's". "It's" is a contraction of "it is", aka a possessive pronoun. "Its" means "belonging to it". An easy way to check to see which one should be used is to mentally substitute "it is" in the sentence you are writing. If it makes sense, use "it's". If not, use "its".


The dog ate its food (correct)
The dog ate it's food (incorrect)
It's 2 o'clock (correct)
Its 2 o'clock (incorrect)

4. Link everything relevant. This includes powers, general OBD terms, fictions, posters, character profiles, etc.

5. Improper use of apostraphes.

An apostraphe is used to signify a compound word or a possessive, not a plural.


He doesn't care (correct)
He doesnt care (incorrect)
The man's dog barked (correct)
The mans dog barked (incorrect)
The attacks were strong (correct)
The attack's were strong (incorrect)

6. Improper use of capitalization.

Words at the beginning of a sentence and proper names should be capitalized. Don't capitalize random words.


This character can shoot Lightning (incorrect)
this character can shoot lightning (incorrect)
this Character can shoot lightning (incorrect)
This character can shoot lightning (correct)

7. Using personal pronouns for genderless objects.

Words like "whose", "her", and "his" are used to refer to people or at least creatures that have a gender. When referring to objects, you use "which" or "its".


This gun has an attachment who can fire lasers (incorrect)
This gun has an attachment which can fire lasers (correct)

8. Not writing present tense verbs properly

A verb in the present tense should be followed by an s or es as if it were pluralized.


He fire a beam from his hand (incorrect)
He fires a beam from his hand (correct)

9. The difference between "then" and "than".

"Then" means subsequently, or afterwards. "Than" means "compared to".


He draws his gun and than fires (incorrect)
He is faster then sound (incorrect)
He draws his gun and then fires (correct)
He is faster than sound (correct)

10. Improper spacing around commas and slashes.

There should be one space after a comma, and words with a slash (/) between them should not have any spaces.


He can use guns , bombs , missiles , and grenades (incorrect)
He can use guns,bombs,missiles,and grenades (incorrect)
He can use guns, bombs, missiles, and grenades (correct)
Dimension / universe (incorrect)
Dimension/ universe (incorrect)
Dimension/universe (correct)

11. Unnecessarily adding the word "more". If an adjective already describes something as being "greater", "stronger", or generally "(X)er", then adding "more" is redundant and grammatically incorrect.


He becomes much more stronger (incorrect)
He becomes more stronger (incorrect)
He becomes much stronger (correct)
He becomes stronger (correct)

12. Using the word "illusionary". Illusionary is not a word. The proper term is illusory.


He creates an illusionary world (incorrect)
He creates an illusory world (correct)

13. Not using the templates

They're there for a reason, you know