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The Knight, doesn't have a name though he is called Little Ghost or Ghost of Hallownest by Hornet, also called White Traveler or White Wanderer by others | Void Given Form | Void Given Focus
Origin: Hollow Knight
Gender: Genderless
Classification: Bug, Vessel, Shade/Void Being, Higher Being | Void Entity, Lord of Shades | Void Entity, God of Gods
Age: Unknown, physically a child
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and endurance, master swordsman, immortality (type 6), enhanced senses (in the form of World Sense), limited flight (in the form of Crystal Heart and Monarch Wings), soul/energy absorption (can absorb a small amount of Soul with physical attacks or with its Dream Nail that is non-lethal. With Void Heart charm he can absorb Soul around itself without striking), can render beings of the Void passive with Void Heartsoul/energy/darkness manipulation (in the form of Shade Soul, Descending Dark and Abyss Shriek, they can pass through organics and inanimate objects but they still take damage), healing (in the form of Focus), can harm beings made out of Essence which makes up dreams, memories and thoughts, can absorb Essence with its Dream Nail, can enter the Dream Realm with its Dream Nail, can read thoughts with the Dream Nail, can place a Dreamgate with its Dream Nail and warp to it, self-resurrection (can come back to life if its physical form is killed or destroyed. A Shade echo of its previous life will appear that The Knight can kill and absorb), can potentially seal beings within itself if he enters the Dream Realm, limited intangibility (can phase through creatures, all sorts of attacks, and walls by dashing), immunity to acid (in the form of Isma's Tear), resistance to mind manipulation (unaffect by The Radiance's light or her Infection that can corrupt minds) and soul manipulation (probably immune since Jinn stated The Knight has no soul); potentially possesses a variety of Charms that grant various abilities: further enhanced strength, speed and durability (in the form of Sprintmaster, Fragile/Unbreakable Strength, Fragile/Unbreakable Heart, Heavy Blow, Quick Slash, Mark of Pride, Fury of the Fallen, Lifeblood Core, Lifeblood Heart, Dashmaster, Carefree Melody and Nailmaster's Glory), regeneration (low, in the form of Hiveblood), summoning (in the form of Glowing Womb, Flukenest, Weaversong and Grimmchild), able to shoot energy projectiles with Grubberfly's Elegy, shapeshifting (in the form of Shape of Unn), can sprout thorny vines with Thorns of Agony, can absorb Soul while taking damage with Grubsong, barrier creation (in the form of Baldur Shell), it's phase/dash ability can sharpen and cut with Sharp Shadow, can create a living fungal matter that emits a damaging spore cloud with Spore Shroom, can emit a toxic cloud with Defender's Crest, as a Shade they exist as a liquid substance, can fly, and has regeneration (mid-high, Shades can create bodies from floating Void particles), with the power of the Void Heart it can transform into a Void Entity called Void Given Form or merge with the Void Entity to become Void Given Focus | Void Given Form has all its abilities as a Shade plus some extra, it can sprout Void tendrils, and engulf it surroundings in darkness | Void Given Focus has the same abilities as a Shade and Void Given Form but further enhanced strength and durability, its size is gargantuan with four arms with claws, and dimensional travel     
Weaknesses: Unable to move or attack while healing that uses Soul. As a Shade, they become immobile while in light. | Is considered a separate entity from The Knight, being evil and sinister. The Delicate Flower will cause it to disappear.
Destructive Capacity: Small city level+ (has defeated The Hollow Knight, who, upon his awakening, shook the entire Hallownest Kingdom while simultaneously covering it in dense fog. Afterward, The Knight defeated The Radiance, who most likely fought the Pale King. The Pale King in its Wyrm form could burrow through mountains. With the Void Heart, the Knight has evolved beyond the Wyrm and became one with the Void), possibly star level (The Radiance took the form of the sun, and her presence brightened the Dream Realm. Though it's unclear if The Radiance even has a physical form anymore and only exists in the Dream Realm. The Knight was physically there when they fought her. The Dream Realm is a plane beyond the material world that exists between body and soul. Dreams can take shape in the waking world.) | Higher (could easily grasp and kill The Absolute Radiance [stronger version of The Radiance]. Afterwards, it destroyed Godhome, the Godseeker's physical body. While bursting out of her, it started to cover all of Hallownest in darkness in Embrace the Void ending)
Range: Extended melee range with Nail, several meters with spells, planetary with World Sense | Interdimensional (in this form, as the Void Given Focus, it can reach into other people's dreams and even in the waking world.)
Speed: Supersonic+ (The Knight can fly and create a sonic boom, can fight against the likes of The Traitor Lord and Mantis Traitors who can create sonic booms with their attacks), likely relativistic (The Knight is capable of moving out of the way and dodging beams of light that travel in a straight line, burn, reflect and refract, including The Radiance's consecutive sun beams. It's debatable if this is aimdodging or not)
Durability: Small city level+, is hard to kill due to respawning in a new body, and as long as the Void exists, it can't truly die | Higher
Lifting Strength: Superhuman+
Striking Strength: Class PJ (capable of parrying The Hollow Knight's strikes)
Stamina: Very high, it barely seems to tire from its constant traveling and fighting
Standard Equipment: His Pure Nail, Awokened Dream Nail, Void Heart Charm, Lumafly Lantern (used to brighten dark places), Mothwing Cloak, Mantis Claw (used to cling to walls and leap off of them), Crystal HeartMonarch Wings, Isma's Tear, Shade Cloak, and potentially other Charms
Intelligence: Is good at analyzing opponent's attack patterns and weaknesses, has fought several skilled warriors like Hornet, the Nailmasters and the Hollow Knight. Can learn Nail Arts from the Nailmasters and Soul spells instantly with no practice.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Focus: Using SOUL, The Knight can heal themselves. This takes several seconds and can be interrupted, however.

- Shade Soul: An upgrade to Vengeful Spirit. Creates a powerful soul and shadow that does higher damage and can now pass through objects like shields, walls, and enemies.

- Descending Dark: An upgrade to Desolate Dive. The knight strikes the ground with a concentrated force of soul and shadow.

- Abyss Shriek: An upgrade to Howling Wraiths. Blasts the opponents with screaming souls and shadows.

- Cyclone Slash: The Knight swings their sword around rapidly to attack foes from all sides.

- Dash Slash: The Knight performs a dash forward while swinging their nail. Allowing for an increased range.

- Great Slash: The Knight unleashes a powerful slash with increased damage.

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The Knight's Shade

Void Given Form

Void Given Focus

Keys: The Knight | Void Given Form | Void Given Focus