Dad of War: Underworld edition

Origin: Hades
Gender: Male
Classification: God of the Underworld, God of the Dead, God of Riches, Lord and Master of the House of Hades, Father of Zagreus
Age: Exact age is unknown, is older than Zeus and Poseidon
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strengthspeeddurability, and endurance, enhanced senses, master spearsman, immortality (type 1, 3 and 4; will reappear alive in the Underworld when killed, even if his body is destroyed. Is bounded by fate to be the Lord of the Underworld), self-resurrection (able to defy death), regeneration (low-mid), reality warping (is constantly rearranging the layout or adding new obstacles within the Underworld so the dead don’t escape), can interact and harm ghosts and ghost-like shades, telekinesis (in the form of his bident Gigaros), telepathy, can phase through attacks and obstacles by dashing, fire manipulation, can shoot or summon flaming skulls (causes the target to be more vulnerable to any attacks and can lay them down like mines to detonate creating a damaging wave), teleportation, darkness manipulation, can shoot omnidirectional energy beams, barrier creation, can summon amphoras (either an amphora that generates toxic fumes with spectral hands that erupts from the ground that also stuns if shattered or amphoras that heal when placed), can summon Shades or Cerberus, can bestow power on others (in the form of Pact of Punishment and can most likely grant Boons), resistance to heat/firesoul manipulationpoisonpetrificationmind manipulation, curses, and other elemental attacks
Weaknesses: Hades is bound to the Underworld and will eventually keel over and die if he stays in the mortal realm for long.
Destructive Capacity: At least multi-continent level+ (fought alongside Demeter during the Titan War and is as strong as her. Demeter can casually freeze the entire ocean solid if she chooses to, and covered Earth with a winter storm that bloated out the sun, prevented crops from growing, and forced the Earth into a never-ending ice age. Demeter eventually restored the Earth back to the way it was.)
Range: Extended melee range with Gigaros, at least hundreds of meters with various abilities, planetary with enhanced senses, telepathy (always seem to know where his son is throughout the Underworld and communicates with him), teleportation, and reality-warping
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (equal to the other Olympian Gods. Can dodge Zeus’s lightning. Hermes, with his speed, can collect and transport the souls of humans and animals across Earth to the Underworld's only entrance in Greece when they die. Hermes has done this multiple times.), likely higher (depending on how fast Hermes is. Thanatos is incapable of performing Hermes' task due to the high death rate for mortals despite Thanatos having the ability to teleport.)
Durability: At least multi-continent level+ (comparable to Zagreus)
Lifting Strength: At least Class K+ (has fought against the Titans, and everyone highly praises him for his might)
Striking Strength: Class NJ+
Stamina: Very high (constantly gets back up after his son defeats him multiple times)
Standard Equipment: His bident Gigaros (is even more powerful than his spear, Varatha, that his son inherited. Hades stated if his son ever wields Gigaros, the power will tear him to pieces), and his Helm of Darkness (allows him to turn invisible and is said to amplify his power even more)
Intelligence: Has many years or eons of experience. He participated in the Titan War with his other Olympian siblings and trained his brother Poseidon to use a spear. He is a strict and fair ruler of the Underworld and has dedicated his work to maintaining the Underworld.
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Not to be confused with the character of the same name from Saint Seiya or the mythological character they are both named after.