"I have all the power in the WORLD!" Not really."


Name: Ozai
Origin: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Fire Lord, Firebender
Age: Undefined; about 50
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman speed and durability, Generation and manipulation of fire through Firebending a martial art based on Northern Shaolin Kung Fu which also makes him a master martial artist, limited form of flight through Firebending, can generate bolts of lightning, Sozin's Comet enhances Firebending
Weaknesses: A solar eclipse disables firebending
Destructive Capacity: At least town level via powerscaling, town level+ during Sozin's Comet
Range: Several hundred meters
Speed: Hypersonic+ arm movement/reactions via powerscaling, superhuman long range movement/limited flight, though faster when enhanced via Firebending
Durability: At least large building level+
Lifting Strength: Class 1+ via powerscaling
Striking Strength: Class KJ via powerscaling
Stamina: High, was apparently going to continually use Firebending to burn the entire Earth Nation for the duration of Sozin's Comet (so at least 12 hours without letting up his blast)
Standard Equipment: None
Intelligence: It takes considerable intelligence to run a country at war and known for political intrigue
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Firebending: A form of psychic martial arts that is mainly practiced in the Fire Nation. It involves making powerful, dynamic movements to create scorching hot flames that can inflict considerable damage. The flames are directly powered by one's chi. By adapting smoother movements and calming the mind, an adept Firebender can generate super fast streams of chi lightning.

  • Fireball: A basic ball of fire. Can be briefly charged to increase power.
  • Fire Stream: Ozai shoots a continuous stream of fire. This stream can be widened to create flame-thrower like technique.
  • Blazing Rings & Arcs: Spinning kicks or sweeping arm movements create rings and arcs to slice larger, more widely spaced, or evasive targets.
  • Lightning Bolt: Ozai separates yin and yang energy and brings them crashing back together, creating and guiding a bolt of lightning.
  • Fire Bomb: A more short range attack, Ozai can create a flame at the end of a limb, and thrust the flame down in a explosive burst. Ozai uses this to break through Aang's Earth Shell.
  • Jet Propulsion: Ozai shoots a constant stream of fire behind him, propelling him forward. Can be used for limited flight.
  • Sea of Fire: Ozai charges briefly and releases a massive fireblast with a huge area of effect.
  • Tri-Fireblast: Ozai shoots three focused fireblasts simultaneously from his hands and a foot.
  • Screaming Fire: Ozai releases a near-360 degree wave of fire with a strange screaming noise.
  • Phoenix Roar: Ozai issues a massive stream of fire from his mouth.

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Other: When making a thread with Ozai, Sozin's Comet should be in effect by default, since Ozai has next to no shown feats without it.

Fire Lord Ozai is the current OBD Hardcore Champion