Name: Ouka Ootori, Calamity
Origin: AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon"
Gender: Female
Classification: Human, Former Dullahan, Member of the 35th Test Platoon, Member of the Heretic Alliance | Vampire
Age: 16
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman stats, skilled gunslinger, can summon her Relic Eater which can grant her enchaned senses, the ability to pierce Magic and Magical beings, regeneration (low to low-mid) | Super strength, speed, durability, flight, regeneration (low-mid), can create stakes that can pierce magic, can enhance her senses, can drink blood to power-up
Weaknesses: Can only use her Relic Eater with a limit | Spirit Silver
Destructive Capacity: Wall level+, at least large building level+ with Vlad (would have defeated the Einhenjar Arthur if not for Sougetsu cancelling her Relic Eater) | At least large building level+, city level via powescaling (drank's Mari's blood and defeated Mother Goose/Gungnir)
Range: Several hundred meters | Several kilometers
Speed: Superhuman with hypersonic+ reactions (she was a threat to Takeru in Witch Hunter form while being controlled by Mephisto) | Relativistic
Durability: Wall level+ | At least large building level+
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength:
Superhuman | Class EJ+
Stamina: High
Standard Equipment: Handguns, her Relic Eater: Vlad
Intelligence: Genius Inquisitor and Witch Hunter, skilled combatant in a variety of situations, also memorized and insane number of Magical Procedures (each incredibly complicated each) in order to counter them
Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

- Relic Eater- Vlad: For around half the series, Ouka had refused to accept the full terms of Vlad's contract and was only limited to his most basic of functions, healing and access to his weaponized form. Even then, Vlad was an extremely powerful asset whose abilities complimented Ouka's aggression towards witches with his intrinsic magic piercing performance. When the full contract was made, Ouka gained access to Witch Hunter form that gave her more options to approach a target and substantially more defense, with advanced healing, and speed, gaining the ability to fly.

  • Tepes Rain: Ouka aims both the Handguns of Vlad upwards and downwards each and shoots them, a Rain of stakes falls on the opponent and rises from the ground at the same time, piercng it and wathever magic they use.
  • Fang: Ouka's weapon in Vampire Form, some tipe of Pile bunker equiped in her harms to pierce the opponent.
  • Nosferatu: Ouka's ultimate atttack, pierces her opponent at great speed and stakes emergy from inside the opponent.

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Vampire Ouka.


Key: Base | Vampire Form