Would have got wrecked if the Brood had fought back.

Myria, also known as Tyr or Maria in some bad English translations
Origin: Breath of Fire
Gender: Female
Classification: Goddess of Desire and Destruction
Age: Has lived for thousands of years
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and endurance, enhanced senses, flight, immortality (type 1, 3 and 4), regeneration (low-high; reforms her stomach after firing appendages and reform her face after ripping it open revealing a gapping hole), reality warping/wish granting, can create pocket dimensions, BFR, shapeshifting, mind manipulation, soul manipulation, weather manipulation, time manipulation (can time travel, and can age people forwards and backwards), spatial manipulation, teleportation, can be empowered by negative emotions like anger or hate, magic, elemental manipulation (of fire, water, ice, lightning, wind, explosion, and earth variety), energy manipulation (in the form of Holocaust), poison manipulation (in the form of Venom), matter manipulation (disintegrated BoF3 Ryu's party members and scatter their particles), can generate earthquakes anywhere on the planet, can summon a meteor storm (in the form of Comet), can cause confusion, paralysis, and blindness (in the form of Venom and Evil Eye), can dispel support magic (in the form of Sanctuary), healing (in the form of Restore), barrier creation, can cause instant death (in the form of Death), immunity to all negative ailments, and resistance to soul manipulation
Weaknesses: Nothing notable
Destructive Capacity: Planet level (with her power, she split two continents apart in BoF3. In BoF1, there are six Goddess Keys that the Goddess Myria was sealed away into, each with a portion of her power that are capable of causing earthquakes anywhere on the planet, turning night to day, and day to night, turning spring into a perpetual winter, and another one capable of manipulating time and space. You even have characters like Momo, who can summon a planetoid comet), likely star level to solar system level (it's assumed in BoF1 she created the pocket dimensions in multiple dungeons containing countless stars and star clusters, it's unknown how long this took for her to do though)
Range: Planetary, likely interstellar
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (far superior to Judas, who can casually dodge lightning from BoF1, you also have cannon fodder bandits reacting to Nina's lightning magic from BoF2, and the BoF2 party outran an explosion), likely higher
Durability: Planet level
Lifting Strength: Class P
Striking Strength: Class XJ
Stamina: Superhuman+
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Highly intelligent, deceitful, and manipulative being, the war between the Light Dragon Clan and the Dark Dragon Clan in BoF1 was staged for her own amusement. In BoF3, she manipulated the guardians, multiple people and Teepo into thinking that the Broods were a threat to the world by rewriting the entire history to suit her own needs, and ended up causing their near extinction. In addition, she scattered the Yggdrasil tree across the world so their collective knowledge and wisdom would disappear, making the world turn to her for guidance. She is also knowledgeable in machinery, for she's responsible for the world's technological advancement.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Sanctuary: Myria nullifies all foe's support enhancements.

- Venom: Myria summons a giant grotesque spectral skeleton underneath her foes, inflicting confusion, poison and blindness.

- Inferno: Myria makes the ground erupt with pillars of inferno, inflicting massive fire damage on all foes.

- Blizzard: Myria makes the ground erupt with spiky frost pillars, inflicting massive ice damage on all foes.

- Chill: Myria summons a large snowstorm, inflicting massive ice damage on all foes

- Sirocco: Myria rains down numerous explosions upon her foes, dealing massive damage.

- Evil Eye: Myria fires a laser at a single target and renders them paralyzed.

- Myollnir: Myria summons a large lightning strike from above, inflicting massive lightning damage on all foes.

- Holocaust: Myria rips open her face only for a gapping hole that fires multiple energy beams, dealing lethal damage to all foes. 

- Restore: Myria heals heavy wounds on one target.

- Death: Myria generates spectral butterflies that instantly kill the foe.

- Comet: Myria summons a large meteor storm, inflicting massive damage to all foes.

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Goddess Myria's true form leaking out.

Goddess Myria in her true form.

Goddess Myria, in Breath of Fire I

Goddess Myria in her true form in Breath of Fire I