Sierra Mikain OBD
Sierra, Bearer of the Moon Rune

Sierra Mikain
Origin: Suikoden
Gender: Female
Classification: Vampire, Mistress of the Coven, Founder of the Blue Moon Village, Bearer of the Moon Rune, Vampire Hunter, Tensei/Heroic Star
Age: 851 years old
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, adept at wielding her claws, user of the True Rune via Moon Rune; which grants vampirism, immortality (type 1 and 2), immunity to both conventional attacks and magic rendering her nearly invincible, can sense the undead, drain blood/life to regenerate (mid-low) and draw power, can also draw power from the forces of the night, energy manipulation (can conjure crescent-shaped energy), transform into a bat or multiple bats, summon clones/doppelgangers, conjure barriers to ward off evil, raise or create undead creatures, cause a lunar eclipse, turn others into vampires by drinking their blood while afterwards letting them drink her blood, immunity to disease and ailments, high resistance to vampire weaknesses (such as holy weapons), can survive and tolerate in sunlight; with gaining mastery and accessing compassion phase she no longer needs to drink the blood of the living and no longer has that impulse, also includes other people she has turned, the Moon Rune recognizes Sierra as its true master and will obey her even if her Moon Rune is taken from her; she can still use powers from the Moon Rune when she was no longer the bearer though not as powerful; is embedded with a Lightning Rune that grants lightning manipulation and Darkness Rune (Child Rune of Soul Eater) that grants darkness manipulation, energy blasts and drain soul/life
Weaknesses: The Star Dragon Sword via the Night Rune can bypass her invulnerability and potentially kill her. Although sunlight doesn't harm her, she doesn't find it pleasant.
Destructive Capacity: Small galaxy level (all True Runes are equal, only being different in their universal function. The Beast Rune can move the moon. The Black Sword Rune can conjure a void of stars and galaxies. The Black Sword Rune is half of a True Rune. The Star Rune can create/ignite stars. The Star Rune is a unique Rune and is significantly lesser than a True Rune)
Range: Universal
Speed: At least lightspeed, likely FTL (equal to Riou), massively FTL attack magic via scaling from the Bright Shield Rune
Durability: Small galaxy level
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: Class XPJ
Stamina: High 
Standard Equipment: Full Moon (Claws), Moon Rune, Lightning Rune and Darkness Rune
Intelligence: Sierra has lived for over eight hundred years and was the founder of the Blue Moon Village. Given her age, Sierra has firsthand experiences and knowledge about her world, its history, culture and its inhabitants. Has vast knowledge of the undead and how to kill them. Has a broad perspective on events, understanding patterns and outcomes that younger individuals might not recognize. Sierra demonstrates a keen understanding of situations and how to approach them. She's aware of the larger implications of actions and can anticipate potential outcomes. Her strategic involvement in battles, particularly against Neclord and in the Dunan Unification War, showcases her ability to think several steps ahead. She can be manipulative when necessary. Despite being from an entirely different era and having seen civilizations rise and fall, she is able to function and lead in her ever-changing world.
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Other: If Sierra has any other runes at her disposal, it is up to the thread maker to specify. In-game, most party members can only equip three runes (left hand, right hand, and head), but a powerful magician named Crowley is rumored to have 100 runes embedded onto his body.