The Hollow Knight OBD

The Hollow Knight | Pure Vessel
Origin: Hollow Knight
Gender: Genderless
Classification: Bug, Vessel, Shade/Void Being, Higher Being | Mighty God of Nothingess
Age: Unknown, physically an adult
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strengthspeeddurability, and endurance, master swordsman, immortality (type 2 & 6, isn't that bothered by stabbing itself multiple times), soul/energy absorption (can absorb a small amount of Soul with physical attacks, all Higher Beings are capable of absorbing Souls), is corrupted with the Infection that can spread through the air and those who are infected wake up with broken minds, can release bursts of Infection from its body or shoot Infection projectiles that hurts anyone nearby similar, can roar that can temporarily stun or disorientate foes and create dense fog (it's roar shook the entire Hallownest Kingdom while simultaneously covering it in dense fog), it's Infection can make them float and bounce around, can generate massive pillars of fire Infection that emerge from the ground, teleportation (can teleport at a short distance), sealing (capable of sealing The Radiance and expect to do so for all eternity), resistance to mind manipulation (Dream Nail can work on them, but lack thoughts to be read) and soul manipulation (can still fight and function properly despite resisting the Knight's attacks which drain the targets Soul), as a Shade they exist as a liquid substance, can fly, and has regeneration (mid-high, Shades can create bodies from floating Void particles), mind manipulation (The Void has shown the to influence minds), Shades can enter and leave the Dream Realm and bypass being sealed away, immunity to soul manipulation (Void beings do not produce Soul) | Is at its prime and doesn't have its Infection abilities, immortality (type 6), soul/energy manipulation (can fire ethereal blades and summon large steel pillars), healing while summoning circular exploding auras (in the form of Focus), can send out Void tendrils from its body, limited intangibility (can phase through creatures, all sorts of attacks, and walls by dashing), non-corporeal (it exists in Godhome as the ruler of its pantheon, a place composed of Essence that encompasses dreams, memories, and thoughts.), likely higher resistance to mind manipulation (since the Pure Vessel is an undefiled and unbound version of the Hollow Knight, it might be free of its impurities, rendering it truly 'mindless' and 'without thought,' as it was intended to be.)
Weaknesses: They are mostly feral due to being infected. Only has one arm. As a Shade, they become immobile while in light. | When Hollow Knight uses Focus, it remains stationary for a short period.
Destructive Capacity: City level+ (upon it's awakening, shook the entire Hallownest Kingdom while simultaneously covering it in dense fog. Afterward, The Hollow Knight most likely did defeat The Radiance, who most likely fought the Pale King. The Pale King in its Wyrm form could burrow through mountains. They was able to contend with The Knight), possibly star level (The Radiance took the form of the sun, and her presence brightened the Dream Realm. Though it's unclear if The Radiance even has a physical form anymore and only exists in the Dream Realm. The Knight was physically there when they fought her. The Dream Realm is a plane beyond the material world that exists between body and soul. Dreams can take shape in the waking world. It's unclear if The Hollow Knight fought a direct battle with The Radiance to seal her, but they did help The Knight beat her.)
Range: Extended melee range with Nail, several meters with spells and Void tendrils, thousands of kilometers with a roar
Speed: Supersonic+ (can create sonic booms with their attacks, The Knight can fly and create a sonic boom, can fight against the likes of The Traitor Lord and Mantis Traitors who can create sonic booms with their attacks), likely relativistic (The Knight is capable of moving out of the way and dodging beams of light that travel in a straight line, burn, reflect and refract, including The Radiance's consecutive sun beams. The Hollow Knight probably fought Radiance, too. It's debatable if this is aim dodging or not)
Durability: City level+, is hard to kill due to respawning in a new body, and as long as the Void exists, it can't truly die
Lifting Strength: Superhuman+
Striking Strength: Class PJ
Stamina: Very high, contained The Radiance and the Infection for a considerable amount of time before the events of the game and continues to fight despite the self-infliction
Standard Equipment: His Nail
Intelligence: Unlike other characters, such as The Knight and Hornet, the Hollow Knight doesn't display strategic intelligence. When Infected, bugs typically revert to mere instinct, but the Hollow Knight seems to retain a form of sentience. Its actions appear driven by pain, the influence of the Radiance, and its core duty. The occasional act of self-harm underscores its tormented existence rather than any form of calculated decision-making. | In its prime, the Hollow Knight was an incredibly skilled combatant. It utilized all of its abilities to their fullest potential and gave The Knight a challenging fight.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Triple Slash: The Hollow Knight delivers three consecutive nail swings, advancing toward their foe with each strike.

- Lunge: The Hollow Knight swiftly lunges on the ground, directing their nail at the adversary.

- Parry: Assuming a defensive posture with their nail, the Hollow Knight, when struck, retaliates with a riposte. This counterattack covers a broad arc due to the Hollow Knight's rapid forward slide during the swing.

- Diving Flame Pillar: The Hollow Knight, either by jumping or teleporting, ascends and then crashes down, invoking columns of Infected fire to erupt from the ground.

- Barrage: From beneath their cloak, the Hollow Knight propels multiple blobs of Infection at the foe. These blobs follow arcing trajectories, starting low and ascending. Typically, 9 or 10 blobs are launched.

- Outbreak: Suspended in mid-air, the Hollow Knight discharges blobs of Infection in all directions.

- Bouncing Balloon: Floating across the arena, the Hollow Knight bounces between 2-5 times, tracking and targeting the foe, especially during the descent.

- Self Stab: Stationary, the Hollow Knight repeatedly thrusts their nail through their own chest, dispersing a broad stream of Infection behind.

- Soul Daggers: The Pure Vessel repositions to one side of the area, facing the foe. They raise a glowing hand, summoning seven daggers that launch in a sequential arc, starting from a low angle and culminating in a vertical shot.

- Triple Slash: The Pure Vessel executes three successive nail slashes, advancing with each cut.

- Soul Pillars: The Pure Vessel, either by leaping or teleporting, ascends above the foe's position before crashing down, causing pillars of Soul to emerge from the ground.

- Lunge: With their nail raised, the Pure Vessel lunges across the ground toward the adversary.

- Parry: In a defensive stance with their nail, the Pure Vessel, upon being struck, slightly shifts forward and counters with a nail slash.

- Focus: The Pure Vessel channels Soul, akin to the Knight. However, they envelop themselves in an aura that soon detonates. Subsequently, six smaller auras materialize at random, detonating in quick succession. As the last aura explodes, the Pure Vessel initiates another attack.

- Void Tendrils: Revealing flailing void tendrils from within their cloak, including two dominant ones, the Pure Vessel subsequently lashes out with the larger tendrils over an extended range.

- Jump: If the target remains airborne for an extended period, the Pure Vessel propels itself toward the target's location, inflicting contact damage.

- Teleport: The Pure Vessel employs teleportation within the area either to set up an attack or evade an opponent.

- Backstep
: If an enemy approaches too closely, the Pure Vessel quickly backsteps and readies another attack.

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Key: Infected | Pure Vessel (in their prime)