The Legendary Solid Snake in all his prime glory

Name: Solid Snake (codename, in his aged days also earned the nickname Old Snake), real name David/Dave and has numerous fake names/aliases
Origin: Metal Gear (Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and some other games)
Age: 23 (Metal Gear), 33 (MGS), 37 (MGS2) | 42 (MGS4)
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Clone, Super Soldier, Former US Marine, FOXHOUND/CIA Agent (former), Member of Philanthropy
Powers & Abilities: Super strength, speed, dexterity, durability, endurance and stamina, master with weapons and CQC, expert infilitrator/black-ops agent, trained with demolitions, injected with nanomachines with various features, boosted immune system to deal better with diseases and poisons, can turn invisible via stealth camo, resistance to telepathy, mindfuck and readings on his future, can resist telekinesis or attempts to control him through his nanomachines (to a limit), can survive ridiculously lethal doses of radiation | Same but a bit weaker with his nanomachines having even more/better technobabble features, holographic tech to blend in with the surroundings or disguise his face, camo/magazines/bullets/grenades/mp3 files that can inflict people with extreme emotions, dolls that can move living or dead beings if they have nanomachines and some other gadgets
Weaknesses: Occasionally suffers from PTSD, his radar and some other devices can be jammed, his genes were designed to make him age rapidly after past 40, Solid Snake cannot be cloned, neither have children | Accelerated aging reduced his fitness and physical strength considerably, which is further ravaged by the mutated FOXDIE's effects, his psyche seems to be more vulnerable compared to before, in 3 months the mutated FOXDIE will also begins to turn into a general virus, threatening to cause world-wide pandemic (averted in the ending but his new strain of FOXDIE may mutate anytime for the same effect)
Destructive Capacity: Multi city block level physically (is stronger than his MGS4 version), multi city block level+ if carries heavy weapons | Multi city block level physically (managed to momentarily hold back Vamp with CQC long enough to inject him with nanomachine suppressors, Vamp was capable of easily fighting against MGS4 Cyborg Raiden and despite being weaker than Vamp and Raiden, he is overall in their general ballpark and thus gets the scaling), multi city block level+ if carries heavy weapons (these can destroy Geckos or knock out MGS4 Vamp)
Range: Human melee range with CQC, dozens of meters to few kilometers depending on his weapon
SpeedSupersonic sprinting speed, massively hypersonic+ combat speed | Superhuman, massively hypersonic+ CQC speed (was able of suppressing MGS4 Vamp's Nanomachines thanks to his excellent CQC skills [despite being much weaker than Vamp in physical stats] and also was able to defeat Liquid Ocelot)
Durability: Multi city block level | Multi city block level (he could also survive walking through a microwave chamber so intense it vaporizes people, with no radiation poisoning thereafter)
Lifting Strength: Class M (Big Boss can push up Cocoon's 9500 tons on his own, Snake should be capable the same) | Considerably lower but still superhuman
Striking Strength: Class GJ (muscle fibers in his suit allowed him to retain this level even for Old Snake, can knock over unsuspecting Geckos with his barrel rolls)
Stamina: Very Large | Much lower than before due to his rapid aging and the mutated FOXDIE virus, a normal person wouldn't be even able to move in that state
Standard Equipment: Sneaking Suit, Bandana (needs OP to specify), Cardboard Box, Camo Mat, Stealth Camo, Soliton Radar, AP Sensor, Bomb/Mine Detectors, Thermal and Night Vision Googles, Binoculars, Camera, Directional Microphone, Radio/Codec, rations, medicines, cigarettes and other equipment including any of his weapons | OctoCamo, FaceCamo, Cardboard Box, Drum Barrel, Stealth Camo, Soliton Radar, Solid Eye, Metal Gear Mk. II/III, Codec/Radio, Signal Interceptor, Scanning Plug S, Digital Camera, iPod, Syringe (with nanomachine suppressors), Emotion Magazines, Psycho Mantis and Sorrow Dolls, rations, food, energy drinks, medicine, cigarettes and other items including his plethora of weapons
Intelligence: Snake is a veteran soldier who fought in the elite fores ever since his teens. He's fluent in at least six languages and has the IQ of 180. While he's no scientific genius Snake has extremely sharp wits and can adapt to many situations during his missions. Solid Snake is arguably the most skilled combatant in the entire Metal Gear franchise, and that's saying a ton.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Hand to Hand Combat: Snake is one of the most proficient hand-to-hand combatants in his verse. While he's far from being the strongest or most agile, Snake's expertise allowed him to defeat a number of people throughout his career. His usual technique involves the combo of two punches immediately followed up by a roundhouse kick.

  • CQC: Unique and highly efficient martial arts allowing a soldier a variety of options while not denying them the use of weapons.It generally has the user taking a stance with knife and a handgun thus he/she could grab/throw opponents in melee, threaten/execute people with the sharp blade or shoot down opponents who're otherwise outside the user's range. CQC mostly focuses on grabs, throws and other methods to disarm the target, allowing one to take down enemies without killing them or use them like a human shield. A skilled practitioner can even "chain" throws, allowing to rapidly neutralize an entire groups of soldiers. Solid Snake was trained by Big Boss the co-developer of CQC, making him one of the few remaining soldiers to know the original technique. Albeit the events of Zanzibar Land made Snake swear to never use CQC again. He eventually needed to revoke this self-imposed ban sometime before MGS4 as soldiers all around the world started using a variation of CQC.

- Weapons: Over the course of more than five games Solid Snake used many different weapons. These were mostly common firearms and other military weapons but some of them deserves special mention.


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