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The original role model of the modern Shounen heroes


Name: Son Goku, Kakarot
Origin: Dragon Ball
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien (Saiya-jin [Saiyan in the English Adaptations]), Martial Artist, Goku Saber (theme song power-up doesn't save him from a beating)
Age: Over 40 by the end of the series
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, skilled in martial arts, afterimage creation, incredible leg strength (was able to leap into the troposphere casually in his earlier days), flight, the ability to manipulate and use ki both defensively (can use his ki to enhance his natural durability and harden his skin to the extent he was able to easily block sword attacks from SSJ Future Trunks while using one finger) and offensively (can shoot ki blasts capable of crossing thousands of kilometers and blowing up entire planets), can create flashes of light to blind his opponents, low level psychic powers: telepathy and telekinesis, energy sensing, a pure heart, can transform to increase his power even further (can either use his Kaio-ken technique to get up to a 20x boost linearly in all of his stats or use his Super Saiya-jin transformations up to 3 for an even greater boost in all stats), the ability to instantly transport himself anywhere with his Shunkan Ido technique, can also use this technique to cross dimensions, power that increases substantially after recovering from near fatal injuries, can hear people speaking whilst he's asleep, resistance towards electricity, can seal people using the Mafuba technique | Same as previous as well as the ability to absorb ki, can't be sensed by beings lesser than a "God", regeneration (mid-low) Can function in time-stop (with Kaio-ken activated), soul destruction resistance | Can react to attacks without thinking, his attacks cannot be sensed by those of a lower level than him
Weaknesses: Can't survive in the vacuum of space, can only maintain Super Saiya-jin 3 form for a short time before running out of energy or stamina. Needs energy/life signatures to lock on to use Shunkan Ido effectively, Genki Dama requires a long "charging-up" period and only works on people with evil hearts/souls | The SSJ God Form has a time limit, although his current base form does not | In Omen there is a time limit, his attacks are also weaker than his Ultra Instinct state because he cannot completely fight on pure impulse; Goku's body cannot completely handle/sustain Ultra Instinct, he also cannot use it at will (which proves that he still hasn't mastered it)
Destructive Capacity: At least island level+, likely small country level+ | Planet level | At least small star level+ (vastly superior to Base Freeza and defeated Final Form Freeza) | At least small star level+, likely much higher | At least small star level+, likely much higher | Universe level+ (destroyed a superior amount of energy that was going to destroy the universe with a single punch during his clash with Beerus as SSJ God, he became stronger since then, he can also destroy space-time too, as seen when Base Vegeta destroyed the RoSaT from within) | Universe level+ (he becomes much stronger) | Universe level+ (in his Ultra Instinct Omen state, he can compete with the likes of Jiren [although, Jiren proved to be superior even than his episode 129 version], managed to overpower Full Power Jiren in episode 130, in his Ultra Instinct state)
Range: Hundreds of kilometers Millions of kilometers (Piccolo's ki blast reached the moon) | Millions of kilometers | Millions of kilometers | Millions of kilometersUniversal (the shockwaves from his punches expanded past the observable universe) Universal | Universal
Speed: Hypersonic+ (mach 89, could outpace Piccolo's ki blasts over a short distance) | At least relativistic+ (superior to pre-training Piccolo) | At least relativistic+, possibly much higher (way MUCH faster than pre-training Saiyan Saga Piccolo and scales to Freeza's Death Ball that destroyed Planet Vegeta, proved capable of swatting away Freeza's machine gun like volley of Death Beams [his fastest attack] with one hand) | At least relativistic+, likely much higher | At least relativistic+, likely much higher | Massively FTL+ (fought against Beerus) | Massively FTL+ | Massively FTL+ (becomes far faster than all his previous forms)
Durability: At least island level+, likely small country level+ | Planet level | Small star level+ | At least small star level+, likely much higher | At least small star level+, likely much higher | Universe level+ | Universe level+ (he becomes more durable) | Universe level+ (much more durable than his previous forms)
Lifting Strength: At least Class M+
Striking Strength: Class PJ+ | Class NJ+ (superior to Gohan) | Class XKJ+ (superior to 100% Final Form Freeza) | At least Class XKJ+ (can trade blows with Perfect Cell) | Class XKJ+ minimum | Universe Class (his and Beerus' punches clashing was enough to bend the fabric of the entire universe, he also destroyed an amount of energy greater than what was required to destroy the universe with a single punch) | Universe Class | Universe Class
Stamina: Inhuman levels in both his base and Super Saiya-jin forms (can train for days with minimal rest and have long drawn out fights) significantly decreases upon reaching Super Saiya-jin 2. Upon reaching Super Saiya-jin 3, his stamina is low enough that Super Saiya-jin 3 is almost useless against any fighter strong enough to use it against, as it can only be maintained for a few minutes
Standard Equipment: Early on in the series the kintoun, a sentient cloud he could ride on, and the nyoi-bo, a magic pole that could extend and contract at his command. As an adult, uses weighted clothing
Intelligence: Mastery of various martial arts techniques and skills (can also copy techniques after seeing them once); years of experience fighting both powerful and diverse enemies whom have various abilities and powers. Is a combat/tactical genius. Goku was the first to realize that Super Saiya-jin states were wasting an extreme amount of energy just by powering up to it, mastered the form despite the huge amount of stress (psychological and physical) the state puts on his body, which is more effective than training two years physically in the Room of Spirit and Time. Also devised different usages of the Kamehameha such as propelling it with his feet, homing in on targets, altering its path and range, using ki to augment his physical strength, and so on, recently Goku was able to completely figure out Hit's "time-skipping" ability shortly after seeing it
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Super Saiya-jin (Saiyan) Forms: An advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful members of the Saiya-jin race which increases his Base Battle-Power by 50 times, and this is proportioned to his physical attributes giving him a great and even increase in strength, ki power, speed, stamina and durability. However, without mastery of this form, much of this energy is wasted transforming and maintaining the transformation. The Super Saiya-jin form also has three additional branch states (which sacrifice speed for raw power) and is succeeded by two further transformations Super Saiya-jin 2 (twice as strong as a regular Super Saiya-jin) and 3 (four times as strong as a Super Saiya-jin 2). There are also two god transformations. Participating in the Super Saiya-jin God Ritual will allow one to achieve the Super Saiya-jin God Form, which is temporary. With special training one can achieve a permanent god form called Super Saiya-jin Blue which uses god ki. Goku can use all of these transformations.

- Kamehameha (Turtle Wave): Goku's signature energy attack. A powerful beam of ki that can destroy a planet if enough power is put into it. Also, variants of the Kamehameha allow Goku to control it's path or perform it with his feet.

- Chou Kamehameha (Ultimate Turtle Wave): Technically the supreme and mastered version of the Kamehameha.

- Bukujutsu (Lighter than Air Dance): The ability to levitate and fly through the usage of Chi/Ki.

- Zanzoken: Afterimage technique based on speed, the technique is specifically used to overwhelm or trick an opponent into leaving themselves open to a feint attack; other versions include the Double Zanzoken and Triple Zanzoken.

Kaio-ken: Goku forms a red ki aura around his body, enhancing his strength and speed, the highest level of this attack used is x20. Recent info perpetuates that everything is literally amped linearly i.e. Kaio-ken doubles strength, speed, power, ki and so on.

  • Super Kaio-ken: A combination of the Super Saiya-jin Blue transformation and the Kaio-ken technique (can be performed up to a 10x). This is an "incomplete" technique with a 10% chance of succeeding and a 90% chance of death (Super Saiya-jin Blue is a strong and “calm” form with perfect ki control, so using it and the Kaio-ken together is feasible).

- Kiai: A Ki technique using the power of his Chi to physically repel physical or energy attacks through his aura or voice via shouting.

- Dragon Fist: An attack where Goku Jumps at his foe and punches through them with tremendous ki.

- Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb): Goku conducts the spirit energy of all nearby living organisms, forming a ball of power and size depending on the amount of harnessed ki energy, this technique is essentially useless against pure-hearted beings but exceptionally effective against evil beings.

- Shunkan Ido (Instant Transmission): Also called Instantaneous Transmission the user places their index and middle finger on their forehead, sensing a location that they teleport to.

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Super Saiya-jin Goku


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Super Saiya-jin 2 Goku


Super Saiya-jin 3 Goku


Super Saiya-jin God Goku


Super Saiya-jin Blue Goku


Super Saiya-jin Blue Goku w/Kaio-ken (x10)


Super Saiya-jin Blue Goku w/Kaio-ken (x20)


Ultra Instinct Omen Goku


Ultra Instinct Goku


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Goku is a former OBD Champion, World Martial Arts Tournament winner, and Color Wars winner.