Outskirts Battledome Wrestling Poster
The poster for the launch event.



Outskirts Battledome Wrestling is a program created by several regulars of the OBD. As the name implies, it is a wrestling show, currently using the WWE 2K19 game engine, featuring OBD favorites battling each other in the ring for pride and championships. It operates like any professional wrestling promotion, with characters involved in pre-planned storylines featuring heroes, villains, and more ambiguous characters. Storylines and tension are built on the regular OBD Brawl episodes, and culminate in the OBD Odyssey special episodes.

Each season will feature nine OBD Brawl episodes, with the OBD Odyssey specials wrapping up the season. These are akin to OBD Wrestling's pay-per-view events.

Outskirts Battledome Wrestling launched with the first OBD Odyssey special, OBD Odyssey 1: The First World Martial Arts Tournament! As its name implies, it was a 16-man single elimination tournament. The winner, Son Goku, became the inaugural OBD Champion.





- OBD Championship

- OBD Women's Championship

- OBD Galaxian Championship

- OBD Hardcore Championship

- OBD Tag Team Championship

- OBD Women's Tag Team Championship


Producer and commentator - Darth Nihilus

Director, promoter, and commentator - Nevermind

Promo art - Xadlin

Standing in the Battledome

Outskirts Battledome Wrestling is perhaps the most OBD thing to ever OBD. Its characters run the gamut from street level fighter like Solid Snake to much more powerful warriors like Son Goku and Thanos. Suspension of disblief is operative here, and since most matches take place in the ring or around the arena, most feats are contained to that setting, but you know what they say in professional wrestling: "Anything can happen!"

Character Profiles


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