The boys and gals of the Golden Age of Pirates


Background Information

One Piece is a popular manga and anime series written by Oda Eichiro. Quite simply, it's an epic manga about pirates. It is currently the most popular shonen manga in Japan, but is beaten in the US by Naruto. Most people blame this on the fact that it was first licensed and then butchered by 4kids. In the OBD, One Piece is one of the most popular universes, and Monkey D. Luffy (the main character) is one of the most-used characters in matches. One Piece is defended viciously by the OPtards and their superiors, The Wank Lords.

Also has been heavily wanked by Phenom Brigade, especially in the OP section of NF. One Piece had a 4 week-long break/hiatus and with that a 2-year timeskip in the story itself.

Now it's back and is looking better than ever.

The series begins with the execution of Gol D. Roger, a man known as the King of the Pirates. Just before his death, Roger tells the legend of his treasure - the One Piece - causing the Great Pirate Era to begin. As a result, countless pirates set out to the Grand Line to look for the treasure.

Twenty years have passed since Roger's execution, and Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate inspired by the pirate known as "Red-Haired" Shanks, has since set off on a journey from the East Blue to succeed Roger and find the treasure. He organizes and leads a nine-member crew named the Straw Hat Pirates. Each crew member Luffy encounters eventually becomes his close friend, including the swordsman Roronoa Zoro, the navigator, and thief Nami, the liar and cowardly sharpshooter Usopp, the Casanova chef and martial artist Sanji, the doctor and anthropomorphized reindeer Tony Tony Chopper, the archaeologist and former enemy Nico Robin, the cybernetic shipwright Franky, and the musician skeleton Brook.

The crew crosses paths with diverse villains, such as Buggy the Clown, many of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, the Marines, who place bounties on Luffy and Zoro's heads, and Arlong, a Fishman, and member of the former Sun Pirates. They encounter Baroque Works, the crime syndicate responsible for a civil war in the desert kingdom of Alabasta, along with fellow rookie pirate Blackbeard, whose dream is also to become the King of the Pirates. The crew also confronts Enel, the "God" of the sky island Skypiea. Later, the crew meets the Marine admiral Aokiji, who reveals that Robin was involved in searching for Poneglyphs, stones with markings left by an ancient civilization whom Roger himself was also able to read. The crew also encounters Cipher Pol No. 9, the intelligence agency responsible for the destruction of Robin's homeland, whose actions cause the pirates to declare war on the World Government. After an epic battle at Enies Lobby, the crew defeats CP9 - saving Robin and avenging the lives lost in the destruction - and each member receives bounties on their heads.

Sometime later, the crew prepares to sail off to the New World, the second half of the Grand Line. The crew eventually gets separated during a battle at the Sabaody Archipelago. At the same time, the Marines sentence Luffy's older brother and Roger's son Portgas D. Ace to be executed, and hold a war against a group of pirates led by the strongest man in the world, Whitebeard. Luffy eventually rescues Ace, but both Whitebeard and Ace are killed in the ensuing chaos. Later, Luffy and the crew undergo rigorous training regimens, some under the tutelage of prominent figures.

Two years later, the crew regroups and journeys to Fishman Island to enter the New World.

At the same time, a group of evil Fishman pirates appears and hold a coup d'état to decide the fate of the island, but the Straw Hats fight them alongside Jinbe.

It's the only series in the HST that's actually good. Oda is also best buds with Toriko author, Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi. Their respective animes have a crossover episode.


Standing in the Battledome

One Piece is currently the weakest verse within the HST, being below both Bleach and Naruto primarily due to their god tiers, but still above other verses such as Boku no Hero AcademiaFairy TailNanatsu no TaizaiRAVE, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Compared to other verses on their general level, One Piece characters are physical powerhouses, which can be greatly increased with their use of Haki, Rokushiki techniques, and of course their devil fruits. One Piece is quite balanced with even low tiers being multi-city block level+ and supersonic/hypersonic, mid-tiers are small town level to city level+ and hypersonic/sub-relativisitc+, high tiers are country level to at least continent level+ and at least sub-relativistic+/relativistic, and top tiers are multi-continent level+ and relativistic.


The One Piece-verse has over 20+ top tiers and many characters have pre-cog via Haki.

Notable hax include: Aokiji's freezing abilityBartholomew Kuma's repel ability, Boa Hancock's petrification, Crocodile's & Ryokugyu dehydration, Magellan's, Caesar Clown's, & Reiju's poisons & gases, Kizaru's & Enel's light/lightning movement techniques, Moriah's shadow stealing, Shiki's ability to levitate and control inanimate objectsTrafalgar Law's Room, and the general dispersion and regeneration of Logia Users.

When making a match against the aforementioned characters, it is worth keeping in mind that some of them can ignore conventional durability.


Note: The profiles are currently outdated, but are slowly being updated.

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OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


Straw Hat Pirates

Brook Franky Jinbe Monkey D. Nami Nico Robin
Roronoa. Tony T. Vinsmoke. Usopp

Roger Pirates

Roger_small.png Rayleigh_Cap.png
Gol D. Roger Kozuki Oden Scopper G. Silvers.

Rocks Pirates

Rocks D.

Whitebeard Pirates and Allies

Doma Jozu Marco Oars Jr. Portgas D. Squardo
Vista Whitebeard

Blackbeard Pirates

Avalo Pizarro Blackbeard Catarina. Doc Q Jesus. Laffitte
San Juan. Shiryuu Van Augur Vasco Shot

Red Hair Pirates

Benn. Lucky Roo Shanks Yasopp

StrawHat Grand Fleet

Bartolomew Cavendish Chinjao Don Sai Harjudin Ideo

Big Mom Pirates

Big Mom Charlotte A. Charlotte B. Charlotte Co. Charlotte C. Charlotte D.
Charlotte K. Charlotte M. Charlotte O. Charlotte Pe. Charlotte R. Charlotte S.
Charlotte S. Charlotte Y. Pekoms Tamago

Beasts Pirates

Black Maria Jack Kaido King Page One Sasaki
Queen Yamato Ulti Who's Who    

Eleven Supernovas

Basil Hawk. Capone Bege Eustass Kid Jewelry Bon. Killer Scratchmen.
Urouge X. Drake

World Government

Hannyabal_thumbnail4.png Kong_thumb.png Magellan_thumbnail4.png the_world_government_thumb.png
Hannyabal Kong Magellan World Govt.


Kuma_New_105.png Buggy_thumbnail4.png Hanc_105.png ddo105.png Mihawk_Cap.png
Bartholo. Buggy Boa Hancock D. Dofla. Dracule M. Edward W.
Trafalgar L.          


Sakazuki_small.png AxeMorgan_105.png Coby_thumbnail5.png Doberman_1.png fujitora105.png
Akainu Axe-Hand. Bastille Coby Doberman Fujitora
Hina_small.png John_giant_thumb.png Borsalino_small.png Garp_thumbnailpicture32.png
Hina John Giant Kizaru Momonga Monkey D. Onigumo
Pacifista_small.png Ronse_small.png Sengoku_small.png Sentomaru_small.png
Pacifista P. Ronse Ryokugyu Sengoku Sentomaru Seraphim
Smoker_new_thumbpicture.png Strawberry_smallpic.png Tashigi_new_thumbpicture.png Tsuru_small.png
Smoker Strawberry Tashigi Tsuru Zephyr

Cipher Pol Number 9/Cipher Aigis Pol 0

Blueno_105.png Fukurou_105.png Jyabura_Cut.jpg Kaku_Cut.jpg Kalifa_small.png Kumadori_small.png
Blueno Fukuro Jyabura Kaku Kalifa Kumadori
Rob Lucci Stussy

Revolutionary Army

Emporio Iva. Inazuma Koala Monkey D. Sabo

Germa 66

Vinsmoke I. Vinsmoke J. Vinsmoke N. Vinsmoke R. Vinsmoke Y.

Donquixote Pirates

Baby 5 Bellamy Buffalo Caeser C. Dellinger Diamante
Gladius Jora Lao G Machvise Monet Pica
Senor Pink Sugar Trebol Vergo


Carrot Duke Inu. Duke Neko. Pedro

Wano Country

Denjiro Gyukimaru Hyogoro Izou Kanjuro Kawamatsu
Kikunojo Kin'emon Momosuke Shutenmaru    


Baroque Works

Miss_doublefinger_thumbnail5.png Miss_merry_christmas_thumb5.png Miss_valentine_thumbnail5.png Crocodile_thumbnail5.png Bones_smallpic.png Bentham_thumbnail4.png
Miss Double. Miss Merry. Miss Val. Mr. 0 Mr. 1 Mr. 2
Galdino_thumbnail4.png Mr_4_thumbnail5.png Mr_5_thumbnail5.png
Mr. 3 Mr. 4 Mr. 5

Thriller Bark

Absalom_thumbnail5.png Moriah_thumbnail5.png Nightmare_luffy_thumbnail5.png Oars_thumbnail5.png Perona_thumbnail5.png Ryuuma_Cut.jpg
Absalom Gekko M. Nightmare L. Oars Perona Ryuma



Braham_smallpic.png Calgara_smallpic.png Enel_Cap.png Gedatsu_smallpic.png
Braham Calgara Enel Gan Fall Gedatsu Nolan
Ohm_smallpic.png Satori_smallpic.png Shura_smallpic.png Wiper_Cap.png Yama_small_2.png  
Ohm Satori Shura Wiper Yama  

Arlong Pirates

Arlong_thumbnail5.png Chew_thumbnail5.png Hatchan_thumbnail5.png Kuroobi_thumbnail5.png
Arlong Chew Hatchan Kuroobi

New Fishman Pirates

Daruma_thumbnail4.png Dosun_thumbnail3.png Hody_new_thumbpic.png Hyouzou_thumbnail3.png Ikaros_much_thumbnail4.png Zero_new_thumb.png
Daruma Dosun Hody Jones Hyouzou Ikaros Much Zeo

Flying Pirates

Wadatsumi_thumbnail3.png Vander_decken_thumbnail.png
Wadatsumi Vander D.

Kuja Pirates

Mari_105.png sander_105.png
Boa Marigold Boa S.

Krieg Pirates

Don_krieg_thumbnail4.png Gin_thumbnail5.png
Don Krieg Gin


Aokiji Dalton Elizabello Foxy Kuro Kyros
Pell Shiki Yeti Cool.


Holy_smallpic.png Nola_thumbnail5.png Vegapunk_dragon_3.png Surume_thumb.png
Holy Nola PH Dragon Surume Zunesha

Anime Only

Byrnndi W. Don Achino Douglas B. Gild Tesoro

Weapon Profiles

IceSaber 105.png Shusui_thumb3.png Yoru_thumb3.png
Ame no Hab Enma Ice Saber Murakumogiri Shusui Yoru


Mecha and Vehicle Profiles


Franky_shogun_thumb.png Thousand_Sunny_smallpic.png
Franky S. Thousand S.


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