Yoru in Asa's body

Name: Asa Mitaka, Yoru, War Devil
Origin: Chainsaw Man
Gender: Females
Classification: Human living Fiend, War Devil's host, Devil hunter
Age: Asa is presumably around 15 years old, Yoru is as old as humanity's fear of war
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, stamina, Transmutation (can turn anything she believes to possess into a weapon) Enhanced Senses (Devils got keener noses than humans)  Regeneration (high-mid, via blood consumption) PossessionResurrection, Inmortality (type 3, 5 and 6) [Devils who are "killed" in the Human World merely return to Hell and viceversa. Can possess humans] resistance to Transmutation (Devils and Fiends are inmune to the effects of the Doll Devil), resistance to Mind Manipulation (remembers even those erased from existence by the Chainsaw Devil) weapons mastery, can grow stronger if more people fear her or the concept she's based on, can grant people abilities and power via Contracts
Weaknesses: Both are kinda dumb. Asa is highly insecure. Formerly needed to touch an object to turn it into a weapon. Yoru can be potentially unable to take over Asa's body in certain circumstances (i.e when Asa is struck in fear) Devils can grow weaker if people stop fearing them or the concept they're based on
Destructive Capacity: Large building level+ (blocked Yoshida with her bare hands, killed the Eternity Devil with a single strike) varies depending on the weapon she's wielding, likely multi-city block level+ at her peak (the War Devil once fought the Chainsaw Devil)
Range: Human melee range, extended to dozens of meters with her weapons, possibly much higher with her ability (turned the infinitely looping aquarium into a weapon)
Speed: Hypersonic (could keep up with Yoshida after a power-up. The later held his own vs Quanxi)
Durability: Large building level+
Lifting Strength: Class 5
Striking Strength: Class GJ
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: Whatever weapon she may be holding at the moment
Intelligence: Average to above average for Asa (despite her previously mentioned flaws, she seems to be quite knowledgeable in certain topics) below average for Yoru
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Weapons Creation

As a host of the War Devil, Asa has the power to make anything that belongs to her into a weapon. This includes both objects and living beings. In order to activate the weapon transformation, Asa must touch what belongs to her and call out it's weapon name. The strength of the weapon is proportional to the amount of guilt Yoru and/or Asa feel about creating said weapon. There is no objective measure of when something belongs to Asa or Yoru, it relies entirely on their own perception and logic as shown when Asa paid 1 million yen to "buy" an entire aquarium and despite it being nowhere near enough money, it still qualified to be turned into a weapon. This lack of understanding becomes exploited by both Asa and Yoru, as they incorporate the purchases of grander-scale constructs into their plans more frequently.

So far, the only types of weapons created have been either melee weapons such as swords and spears or explosives such as a hand grenade. It is unknown whether Asa can create more advanced weapons such as modern firearms, but it is confirmed that firearms she "owns" are effectively hijacked and fire on her command.

After worldwide fear of war increased, Asa's weapon-making abilities enhanced and she no longer needs to touch the object to turn it into a weapon; merely calling out its name will suffice.

  • Object Weapon Creation: Asa is able to turn any object that belongs to her into a weapon. An object that belongs to her can either be something she bought or took. Object weapons created by Asa thus far are:
    • Super-Strong Uniform Sword (せいふくつよつよけん Seifuku Tsuyo-Tsuyo Ken?): A rectangular shaped sword made from Asa's uniform. Due to the sentimental value of it, as it was given to Asa by her late mother, the sword is extremely powerful. It was able to slice and dice Yuko in her Devil form into dozens of small pieces in an instant despite the sword being knocked away. Despite its power, the sword is extremely brittle and was destroyed in the school's collapse.
    • Aquarium Spear (水族館アクアリウムスピア Akuariumu Supia?): A two-pronged spear approximately two meters long, made from the aquarium building Asa purchased for one million yen. The tips of the spear are fish-shaped and the handle of the spear drips water. Once impaled into a target, the full contents of the aquarium explode out of the victim's wound. This weapon is especially powerful due to the guilt Asa felt about destroying an entire aquarium and was strong enough to instantly kill the reincarnated Eternity Devil who imprisoned her in the aquarium.
    • Super Chainsaw Man Motorcycle (スーパーチェーンソーバイク Sūpā Chēnsōman Baiku?): A motorcycle made from the motorbike stolen from a man driving on the street. This motorcycle possesses a very large chainsaw which is positioned horizontally between the two wheels and extends for a few meters out the front. Its other notable features are a vastly upgraded engine and a black livery. The bike also appears to be able to drive on its own, as it speeds away right after the transformation despite Denji being incapable of operating one. This combat vehicle is very powerful because of the guilt she felt about stealing a motorcycle from a random citizen. It has proven to be extraordinarily durable, being able to easily survive an entire apartment building being thrown onto it.
    • Unspecified Strong Weapon: Sometime after joining the Chainsaw Man Church, Asa created a sword to hunt devils. The sword consists of a black J-shaped crossguard covered in spikes and a seemingly detached levitating triangular blade. She used this weapon to kill at least 10 devils suggesting it's fairly powerful. It somewhat resembles one half of a scissor in its appearance which could suggest its origin.
    • Room 606 Sword (606号室剣 606-Gōshitsu ken?): A large claymore created from Asa's apartment complex that she bought. The length of the weapon is nearly as tall as Asa, with pipes, a vent, a ceiling fan and leaves sprouting around the hilt. This sword was strong enough to instantly destroy a tentacle of the Octopus Devil. This weapon was created without the need of Asa/Yoru touching it.
    • College Fund Turrets (しんがくきんじゅう Shingaku Shikin Jū?): Hijacked automatic turrets at the Tokyo Devil Detention Center. Due to Yoru's increased power, Asa was able to buy the turrets and turn them into her weapons without touching them. The turrets seem to function normally but gained cosmetic spikes.
  • Flesh Weapon Creation: Asa is able to make anyone she "owns", including humans, Devils, and Fiends, into a variety of deadly weapons almost instantaneously simply by touching them. This does not appear to immediately kill the human, as they can still scream in agony. In order to make a flesh weapon, Asa must either: take a limb from the victim which she can then turn into a weapon, kill them and turn their remains into weapons, or form a relationship with someone wherein they "belong to her". She can also make weapons from her own body parts which will violently tear themselves off her if she does so. Flesh weapons created by Asa so far are:
    • Nail Knife (つめナイフ Tsume Naifu?): A simple dagger made from Asa's own fingernail, which violently ripped itself off. The knife is about a foot long, has a finger-shaped handle, an s-shape crossguard and a straight blade. It appears to bear no special properties much like a regular knife.

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