Shadowcat passing through a wall.
Shadowcat passing through a wall.

Intangible is defined as "unable to be perceived by the senses", but most commonly attributed to merely touch. This is a property certain characters have where they can make themselves immaterial, like a ghost, causing all enemy attacks to simply pass through them. Some characters are naturally intangible all the time, whereas for others it has to be activated. Some may even take it in the opposite direction, and became much more resistant instead.

Users can deactivate the bonds between molecules, in themselves or objects. This allows them to pass through the area between the molecules of solid objects, as easily as someone walking through water. Beings or projectiles pass through them. As each molecule becomes independent, users have neutral gravitational pull, and some can float.

Logia fruit users from One Piece are often referred to as being intangible, but this is not technically correct, as they are still physically present, but made of homogenous material such that attacks will flow through it like water (a better way to describe this would be dispersion). Intangibility is generally considered to be a broken power, since it allows you immunity from most types of attacks.

Examples of characters that can become intangible:

- Ghosts from Danny Phantom
- Kenshiro and Raoh from Fist of the North Star when using Musou Tensei
- Hirudegarn, from the Dragon Ball Movies
- Martian Manhunter, from DC Comics
- Ryoko, from Tenchi Muyo!
- Ghost type Pokemon
- Several Bionicle Characters
- Shadowcat, from Marvel Comics
- Tyki Mikk, from D.Gray-Man

Intangibility is also sometimes referred to as phasing.

Bleach characters are often claimed to be intangible somehow, despite direct manga contradiction (Use the telephone pole again, Chad!) and the fact that all the evidence for them being intangible is taken from character statements. In short, they are not.