Zi Yu; the prodigal swordsman


Name: Zi Yu
Origin: Feng Shen Ji
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Smelting Aura User, Swordsman
Age: Unknown, likely late 20's/early 30's
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, master swordsmanship, master of the Smelting Aura technique, can create swords out of Smelting Aura (which he controls remotely), able to use Smelting Aura to create fire which burns Transcendent Vigor (can forge this fire into a fiery blade, and release fire blasts), can break strong illusions
Weaknesses: As the fire of his Heaven Punisher was forged solely to slay Gods, its effect is minimal against everyone else
Destructive Capacity: Small island level+ (managed to make Tian serious, he even cut one of his dragons, even fought against Chi Long [who is weaker than Tian, but still part of the top tiers)
Range: Extended melee range with swords, dozens of meters with ranged attacks
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ attack speed/reactions
Durability: Small island level+
Lifting Strength: Superhuman (can lift his defense form Heaven Punisher which was stated to weigh over a ton)
Striking Strength: Class EJ
Stamina: Superhuman (can still fight even with broken bones and damaged organs)
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Genius fighter and combatant
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Smelting Aura: Sword Aura: A powerful, yet invisible aura that rules the world of Phantom Island. A human gifted with the Mind’s Eye, the ability to perceive Smelting Aura, can absorb it and learn to control and shape it, granting the ability to forge physical objects with it. The more adept one is at the art, the more real the object becomes. With it, Zi Yu is able to freely create swords and control them. After his training in solitude, he can even create fire, enabling him to forge fiery blades and release fire blasts.

  • Meteor Shower: Zi Yu creates countless swords far above his opponents heads and has them rain down on top of them.


  • Piercing Heavens: Zi Yu manifest a single blade which he thrust towards his opponent with a stabbing motion of his hand.


  • Heaven Punisher: After his defeat at the hands of Tian, Zi Yu sought after a way to counter the Divine Power of Gods. The answer he found was fire, aimed to burn the Trascendent Vigor of the Gods in Feng Shen Ji, which he condenses into the form of a fiery burning sword; Heaven Punisher. He can also release this fire in blasts and beams. As the fire of Heaven Punisher was forged solely to slay Gods, its effect is minimal against everyone else.


    • Meteor Shower: Zi Yu spawns numerous Heaven Punishers overhead and let them rain down upon his opponent.


  • Soul Power: Qiongxiong with Soul Transfer Art gave it to Yu as a ''gift'' in order to fight and slay Tian. By igniting one's soul he can show his true potential, the stats and attack power increases dramatically.


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Other: Because the swords he uses are formed from his Smelting Aura and when they disappear the energy return to him, unless you can absorb the energy he won't grow exhausted from using his techniques.