Galactic Empire


Name: Galactic Empire, Empire, the Reich | New Galactic Empire, New Empire, Neue Reich
Classification: Autocratic Human Feudeal Inter-Stellar Empire | Autocratic Centralized Human Inter-Stellar Empire, Constitutional Centralized Human Inter-Stellar Empire (potentially after Reinhard's passing)
Age: About 500 years old (at its end) | 3 years (by UC801)
Leader(s): Kaiser (heirs of the Goldenbaum dynasty; first: Rudolf I. von Goldenbaum, last: Cathernine von Goldenbaum) | Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm (after his passing Kaiserin Hildegarde von Lohengramm and their successors continued, likely with the assistance of a democratic parlaiment)
Population: 25 billion (likely a typo since even at its lowest during Rudolf's time the population was around 250 billion) | 40 billion (more likely 400 billion)
Religion: Predominantly Nordic Neo-Paganism, Terraism (as a minor but politically influential cult, until Reinhard's purge)
K - Level: Type I. (very close to Type II.)
Technology/Abilities: TBA
Weaknesses: TBA
Industrial Capacity: Can produce tens of thousands of warships in years (with the construction of an average battleship taking 4-6 months), capable of building the Iserlohn Fortress in years | Almost double of the previous due to increased holdings
Holdings: Many star systems in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy | Initially the same, latter annexed the FPA thus controling both the Orion and Saggittarius Arms

Notable Weapons:


Notable People:

  • Oskar von Reuenthal
  • Reinhard von Lohengramm
  • Siegfried Kircheis
  • Wolfgang Mittermeyer

Notable OBD Victories:

  • TBA

Notable OBD Losses:

  • TBA

Inconclusive OBD Matches:


Key: Old Empire (Goldenbaum Dynasty) | New Empire (Goldenlöwe Dynasty)

 New Empire
 Flag of the New Empire