Luffy punching through Smoker's smoke body and it having no effect


A tactic used by One Piece debaters in face of most fiction. Logia refers to characters that have eaten a special fruit and can change into elemental form. In this form, they cannot be hurt unless their weakness is used. This is different from actual intangibility. For instance, they cannot phase through solid objects, they can however go around it (a better way to describe this would be dispersion or having a "fluid" body). Because of their elemental bodies most characters with this kind of ability have incredible regeneration and are usually very difficult to fight. Also known as Elemental Mimicry in comics.

These characters are:

- Akainu (Magma, no known weakness)
- Aokiji (Ice, no known weakness)
- Caesar Clown (gas, no known weakness)
- Caribou (Swamp, no known weakness)
- Crocodile (Sand, becomes prone to attack when wet)
- Enel (Lightning, can be hit with non-conductors)
- Kizaru (Light, no known weakness)
- Portgas D. Ace (Fire, can be hurt with Magma)
- Smoker (Smoke, no known weakness)

Exception: Blackbeard, can change into darkness but is still tangible.

Other: Characters in non-canon One Piece media that possess Logia class Devil Fruits.

- Gasparde (Candy Syrup, becomes hittable when covered in flour)
- Simon (Paper, no known weakness)
- Honey Queen (Unspecified non-water liquid, no known weakness)

Other Characters: Though obviously Logia abilities themselves are limited to One Piece, some characters in other fiction possess abilities that are functionally the same.

- Balrogs from Lord of the Rings (Shadows and Fire, fire becomes slime in water. No weaknesses)
- Chaos from Sonic the Hedgehog (water, has a single vulnerable part, until it reaches its perfect form, which has none)
- Founders from Star Trek (organic goo, weak to energy weapons)
- Ganishka's apostle form from Berserk (Mist, has a weak astral point between the eyes)
- Hedorah from Godzilla (water and pollution, weak when dehydrated)
- Hirudegarn from Dragon Ball Movies (Smoke, vulnerable while attacking)
- Inque from the DCAU (unidentified tar-like substance, weak against water, ice, and to a lesser extent even electricity)
- Jubia from Fairy Tail (water, no known weakness)
- Konan from Naruto (paper, weakness to oil and other thick liquids)
- Negi Springfield from Negima! Magister Negi Magi (lightning, no known weakness)
- Sandman from Marvel (sand, weak against water)
- Sloth from the Full Metal Alchemist 2003 anime (water, weak against remains of Trisha Elric, was killed when her body was turned into ethanol and she evaporated)
- Solar, Man of the Atom (Gold Key and Valiant Comics) - Can be any type of energy and several types of matter, no weaknesses. Valiant Solar can transform into nearly anything.
- Suigetsu from Naruto (water, weakness to electricity)
- Umbra from Bionicle (Light, if he gets reflected too much, he can be rendered unconscious)
- Zzzax from Marvel (Electricity, sometimes vulnerable to water)

Often the OPtards take this ability to the extreme when debating it.

Endless Mike's rant on logia wank

It has been confirmed that Busōshoku Haki can bypass logia intangibility, with proper training. Haki is powered by drive/willpower, and it doesn't equalize with ki, as only a specific ability of Haki users allow them to hurt Logias, although its arguable as to whether or not it would work on non-One Piece characters

The higher tier characters in Mahou Sensei Negima have been confirmed as able to bypass logia intangibility.

*It has been debated in many threads about the survivability of Logia under various conditions. Nuclear explosions and nuke level attacks have come up before, and it would seem apparent that since most of the Logia control actual substances, they would have no chance of surviving, due to their constituent particles being burned up/vaporized. However, it is debatable whether characters such as Enel or Kizaru might survive, as their Logia forms are based on actual energy. Still, there are arguments against this, such as simple disruption of their ability to transform, or scattering them to too far a distance. At any rate, the OBD modus operandi is that characters should not be assumed to tank attacks of a level until they have shown it.