You are dead


Background Information


An action-adventure game developed by Suda 51, (they've done such works such as No More Heros and Killer 7). Set in a futuristic world, you play an executioner name Mondo Zappa who works for a company hired to kill various criminals and assassins.


Standing in the Battledome

Bullet timing is all too common in this verse. At least supersonic+ to arguably hypersonic reactions aren't something to be surprised at. Mondo, the main character and David, the main villain can range up from at least large building level stats to likely higher.


Supporters of the Series

  • Basch71
  • Imagine
  • Kurou


OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


Good Guys


Mondo small.png
Mondo Zappa


Bad Guys


David Zappa small.png
David Zappa

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