Law inverting matter


An ability that allows users to warp, bend, flip, crush, or generally control the Universe. The ability refers only to one's ability to manipulate an area, not to defy its laws, so gravity, friction, and many other rules may still apply. Users sometimes cannot effect people or objects, but they could fold space onto itself, making the same object take up two different places. Users are adept at creating wormholes and paradoxes. Some users are limited to a specific location or type of space, others are restricted only by their imagination. May only have half or full powers of reality warping. Combined with time manipulation (which is usually the case), it is considered "Spacetime manipulation" that allows the user to manipulate spacetime (as both space and time are considered to be co-related).


  • Make nexuses
  • Summoning
  • Teleportation
  • Phase-morphing
  • Can make far places very near
  • Make objects seemingly absorbed into the user
  • Create Spatial Barriers and forcefields
  • Control dimensional forces
  • Can trap people in another dimension
  • Invisibility by warping space so that light travels around it
  • User could cause objects, or people, to shrink or grow by decreasing or increasing the amount of space they occupy
  • Cause a loop in space (Enter a house's front door, only to come out of the back door)
  • May make things disappear or appear. For offensive uses, user can make a huge boulder disappear from its position and make the boulder appear on a person's head
  • Adding space in between objects, thus cutting through matter with an unblockable blade. A variation of slicing space.
  • Distorting a specific point in space, causing it to collapse, and crushing/tearing all matter within
  • Distort space, and control the flow of time within that specific area, allowing a form of time manipulation (i.e. spacetime manipulation)
  • Manipulate gravity by fidgeting with spatial pressure. For example, like fitting a planet the size of Jupiter inside the volume of a button without altering its structure
  • Vectorial Manipulation, like teleporting a boulder a mile up in the sky and before it crashes on the ground it gets teleported into a horizontal position, simulating a very large telekinetic blast


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