Abara OBD
The first issue

Background Information

Abara is a two volume manga made by Tsutomu Nihei (the creator of Biomega and Blame!).

The series is set in a dystopian world, filled with large structures. True to the Nihei style expect to see gruesome bone transformations and sprawling urban decay. The story revolves around creatures known as Gaunas. Gaunas are people who can shape bone like armor and weaponry around themselves through transformation.

The transformation begins around the spine and then shapes layered armor.

There are two types of Gaunas.

The White Gauna who feed on human beings and evolve into monstrous entities and the artificial Black Gauna that where created to combat them.

Standing in the Battledome

Both Guana have a kind of barrier that renders them invisible to normal humans, insane speed (easily massively hypersonic+) and very impressive durability since they are able to tank a planetoid destroying bomb with no difficulty at all.

As a verse they are easily stronger than the likes of the Power 6.

Abara respect thread.

OBD Profiles


Character Profiles

  • Itou Denji

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