Unlike Sonic, he doesn't chuckle.

Name: Knuckles the Echidna
Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog
Age: 16 (likely 17)
Gender: Male
Classification: Anthropomorphic Echidna
Powers & Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, can glide through the air, can climb and stick to walls, able to manipulate and harness Chaos Energy (through the Master Emerald), can sense Chaos Energy, can summon lightning bolts to attack his opponents, digging, can cause powerful tremors by punching the ground, fire manipulation, can use the powers of the earth to heal his wounds or summon rocks from the sky to attack opponents with, can see and interact with invisible objects via the Sunglasses, can create blinding flashes of light that can paralyze opponents for 10 seconds, can turn into a ball for a boost in speed and to attack enemies, can create shockwaves and explosions of fire via striking the ground, can punch so hard that he creates small explosions through the friction in the air, can move fast enough to create afterimages | All abilities are increased exponentially, flight, time manipulation, can shoot fireballs from his fists
Weaknesses: Can be quite gullible. | Can only maintain this form for a short amount of time before he reverts back to normal.
Destructive Capacity: At least multi continent level, likely higher (stronger than Sonic in the same sense Sonic is faster than him, capable of destroying entire battleships in Sonic Heroes) | At least star level, likely much higher (is stronger than Super Sonic)
Range: Melee range with basic attacks, several dozen meters with projectiles, both Hammer Punch and Thunder Arrow can reach over very long distances | Hundreds of meters
Speed: Relativistic+ (can keep up with Sonic's casual speed) | MFTL+ (somewhat slower than Super Sonic)
Durability: At least multi continent level, likely higher | At least star level, likely higher (more durable than Super Sonic)
Lifting Strength: Class K | Class Z
Striking Strength: At least Class NJ, likely higher | At least Class XGJ+, likely much higher
Stamina: Superhuman+, able to remain active for days with very minimal rest and still kicking
Standard Equipment: Shovel Claws, which he can use to sharpen his blows and dig through the ground, the Hammer Gloves which increase his punching power and allows him to smash through steel crates, Air Necklace allows him to breathe underwater indefinitely, Sunglasses allow him to see and interact with invisible objects, and the Fighting Gloves allow him to the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack.
Intelligence: Average, skilled combatant, is a master martial artist, has experience fighting against many kinds of opponents, ranging from robots to interdimensional beings and even Sonic himself.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack: A technique similar to Sonic's Light Speed Attack. Knuckles attacks nearby enemies at high speeds whilst covered in red aura.

- Hammer Punch: Knuckles jumps up and smashes his fist into the ground to make a powerful tremor capable of stunning opponents.

- Thunder Arrow: Knuckles summons several thin lightning bolts to attack the opponent.

- Power Flash: Knuckles holds up his fist and creates a flash of light that blinds opponents for 10 seconds, immobilizing them.

- Spin Attack: Spins likes a ball and attacks enemies and breaks through obstacles.

- Spin Dash: Curls into a ball and charges forward at high speeds, ramming through any enemies or obstacles in his way.

- Homing Attack: Knuckles jumps into the air and attacks opponents by homing into them.

- Knuckles Slam: Knuckles jumps into the air and then punches the ground with his fists, creating a large column of red energy. After this, a red field made of bursts of fire and exploding shockwaves surrounds Knuckles, akin to a barrier and damages any enemies around Knuckles and blocking certain attacks.

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Other: This profile covers Knuckles in the mainstream games.

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