Name: Mephiles the Dark | Iblis, the Flames of Disasters | Solaris
Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog
Age: 10 at the most, though Iblis was 210 in Silver's timeline
Gender: Male, though Solaris is genderless
Classification: 1/2 God | Fire Demon | Super-Dimensional Being
Powers & Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, time manipulation, can create portals that lead to other eras and times, energy blasts, shadow manipulation, shapeshifting, immortality (type 1 and 3), can create countless clones of himself at once, can fire shockwaves from his hands | Super strength, durability, endurance, fire manipulation, can breath fire, regeneration (low-high), can telekinetically control rocks to attack opponents, can fire waves of fire, immortality (type 1 and 3) | All of the abilities of the previous forms, can create portals that throws projectiles, can fire multiple powerful lasers at once, space-time manipulation, can create black holes that kill any who walk into it
Weaknesses: Incredibly arrogant, doesn't really encounter people up close and personal to finish his own plans | Unintelligent and lacks technique, can be sealed inside someone with a Chaos Emerald, is very slow for his size, his head is more vulnerable than the rest of his body. | Will lose its consciousness by attacking its core, blowing out his original form (a candle fire) will kill him permanently.
Destructive Capacity: At least multi continent level (managed to kill Sonic with a single attack) | Possibly multi continent level+ (was able to set the world on fire, cause the ground to become lava, and destroy almost all of civilization) | Multiverse level (was consuming all of space and time of the Sonic multiverse at once)
Range: Several dozen meters, likely higher | At least several hundred meters | Multiversal
Speed: FTL (on par with Shadow) | Superhuman+ movement speed, FTL reactions (able to keep up with Sonic and Shadow) | Omnipresent throughout time, likely immeasurable otherwise (a higher dimensional entity who exists beyond linear time itself)
Durability: At least multi continent level (can endure attacks from Shadow and Omega) | Possibly multi continent level+, regeneration makes him incredibly difficult to kill | Multiverse level, temporal omnipresence makes it extremely hard to kill (while it was defeated by Sonic, Shadow and Silver in their Super Forms, this case is possibly PIS)
Lifting Strength: Class 10+ (modeled himself directly from Shadow's body) | Class K (able to lift a piece of a large building and smash it down on Silver and Blaze) | At least Class Z
Striking Strength: Class NJ | Possibly Class NJ+ | At least Universe Class, likely immeasurable
Stamina: Limitless, never shown any signs of tire or fatigue
Standard Equipment: None notable
Intelligence: Very cunning, orchestrated the events of Sonic 06 | Dumb and destructive, albeit showed a bit of focus and discipline in its final confrontation with Silver and Blaze | Should be as smart as Mephiles
Notable Attacks/Techniques:


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Other: While they all appear as three different entities, there all actually the same beings being split in two, with Solaris being the whole being.

Key: Mephiles | Iblis | Solaris