The Chaos Bringer himself

Name: Unicron
Origin: Transformers
Gender: Usually appears male. Otherwise, N/A
Classification: Cybertronian God of Darkness and Chaos, planet eater, multiversal singularity, abstract being
Age: Billions of years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, super speed, super durability, massive cosmic energy manipulation, transmutation (can create things from nothing, and reshape and mold what is already in existence), reality warping, shapeshifting (includes changing his size), telepathy (a fragment of him is enough to mindfuck and physically mutate a planetary population), teleportation (is able to travel across the Multiverse), cosmic senses/near omniscient (can sense things across dimensions and knows everything that is not shielded from him by Primus), able to create pocket dimensions/universes, acausality, intangibility, can grant power to others, able to devour spacetime itself
Weaknesses: Can only be destroyed by The Autobot Matrix of Leadership (although it can’t truly kill him, only delay him). Also Primus, although it's stated he's the stronger of the two
Destructive Capacity: Depending on how he chooses to manifest himself, he can usually be planet to star system level+. Galaxy level with his quantum shockwaves. Also portrayed as a universal who has eaten several million universes, according to the Transtech records. Multiversal via weakening the bonds between universes and causing them to collapse on each other | Megaverse level+ (is at least equal to if not stronger than Primus's primordial god form, destroyed all of creation in Transformers before it was recreated by Primus)
Range: Dimension/universe level to multiversal; able to fold transdimensional space giving him nearly limitless range
Speed: Massively FTL+ (likely several billion times c via powerscaling from far weaker characters) | Has no real need for speed, can likely be as fast as he wants via reality warping
Durability: Varies, can be planet+ to star system level+. Can't truly be destroyed since he's an abstract concept of Chaos and Evil, but he can be delayed, especially with the Matrix of Leadership. | Megaverse level+, is able to trade blows with Primus's primordial god form, a combination attack even more powerful than the True Star Saber only fragmented him
Lifting Strength: Class Y+ | Immeasurable
Striking Strength: Class XMJ+ to XTJ+, depending on how he manifests. | Immeasurable
Stamina: Limitless (capable of converting matter into pure energon)
Intelligence: Near-omniscient knowledge of the universe and the Matrix, and can hunt down anyone that escapes his his wrath. Possesses internally integrated quantum computers that constantly calculate probabilities both forward and backward in time, enabling a highly accurate, multi-dimensional probability map.

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There are many versions of Unicron but it should be noted that Hasbro and Takara say the comics are canon, and every version of Unicron is the same.

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