Name: Biolizard | Final Hazard

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog

Age: 50's (was made at some point before Shadow)

Gender: Asexual (can self-produce eggs)

Classification: Artificially genetically engineered creature, Prototype of Shadow

Powers & Abilities: Super strength, durability, regeneration (high-low), can fire dark energy orbs from its mouth, can produce and fire pink orb-like eggs as projectiles, spatial manipulation, can harness Chaos Energy, can alter gravity, can survive the heat of atmosphere reentry, able to survive in space, immortality (type 1) | Abilities are greatly enhanced, can fire lasers from various points of its body

Weaknesses: Cannot walk, relies on instincts rather than intellect, attacks to its life-support system will damage it. | Lost the ability to move and evade attacks at all, being in space will cause swellings on its body (which can used as weak points).

Destructive Capacity: At least multi continent level (is Shadow's prototype) | At least star level, likely much higher (can force back Super Shadow and Sonic via attacks)

Range: Several meters with melee attacks, several hundred meters with ranged attacks

Durability: At least multi continent level (cannot be harmed by any attack given by Shadow, its weakest point can tank a few hits from Shadow's Homing Attack before going out) | At least star level, likely much higher (can take a simultaneous assault from Super Sonic and Super Shadow)

Speed: FTL reactions/combat speed (can keep up with Shadow in battle) | MFTL+ reactions/combat speed (can react to Super Sonic and Shadow at once)

Lifting Strength: Class K+ by virtue of size | Class Z

Striking Strength: At least Class NJ | At least Class XGJ+, likely much higher (is powered by the Chaos Emeralds)

Stamina: Low, needs to take its breath frequently in battle and tires after awhile after attacking.

Standard Equipment: Life-Support System mounted on its back (loses it as Final Hazard due to it being destroyed by Shadow).

Intelligence: Animalistic, apparently not very intelligent.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


- Chaos Control: The ability to control the fabric of time and space via the use of the Chaos Emeralds. Can be used to teleport long distances or to slow down time itself. The magnitude of its power depends on the amount of Chaos Emeralds it has with it. This was used by the Biolizard to attach into the Eclipse Cannon and continue its destination towards Earth.





Key: Biolizard | Final Hazard