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Name: Silver the Hedgehog
OriginSonic the Hedgehog
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Classification: Anthropomorphic Psychic Hedgehog
Powers & Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, telekinesis, flight/levitation, can fire psychic blades at his opponents, teleportation, time manipulation (via Chaos Emeralds), can fire psychic pulses that paralyzes targets, can mentally disorient opponents for a limited amount of time | All abilities are increased exponentially, flight, time manipulation, can create a "shield" of psychic energy that can block and redirect projectiles
Weaknesses: Can lose his temper quite easily, will often resort to irrational decisions, using his powers puts strain to his body and limits the amount of objects he can grab. | Can only maintain this form for a short amount of time before he reverts back to normal.
Destructive Capacity: Multi continent level via powerscaling (comparable to Sonic and Shadow, weaker characters have been estimated to be around this level) | At least star level, likely much higher (is powered by a planet busting energy source, was able to halt Solaris' projectiles and redirect them with enough force to damage it)
Range: Several hundred meters | Hundreds of meters
Speed: FTL while flying (can keep up with Sonic going at max speed in Sonic Generations whilst flying backwards), massively hypersonic+ ground movement speed otherwise | MFTL+ (on par with Super Sonic and Super Shadow)
Durability: Multi continent level (can shrug off attacks from the likes of Sonic and Shadow) | At least star level, likely much higher
Lifting Strength: Class 10 via powerscaling (should be at least comparable to Tails, who can move and drag 10-ton weights in Tails' Skypatrol), much higher with Psychokinesis (at least Class K) | Class Z
Striking Strength: Likely Class NJ | At least Class XKJ+, likely much higher
Stamina: Superhuman+
Standard Equipment: None notable
Intelligence: Average, can be quite naive.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Psychokinesis: Silver's main power, the ability to mentally control objects and matter.

- Teleport Dash: Silver jumps in mid-air and "teleports" across a distance in an instant.

- Meteor Smash: Silver gathers up large amounts of surrounding objects such as concrete or metal, and launches it straight at his opponent as a large wrecking ball.

Other: This profile covers Silver in the mainstream games.

Key: Base | Super Silver