A term originating from Marvel Comics used to describe a specific class of cosmic beings. Skyfathers in Marvel are usually the leaders of pantheons of gods, and have enormous cosmic powers, well above Herald level, but still below Cube Being, Celestial, and Abstract levels.

The term can also be applied to other fictions for beings in a similar class of power. Typical skyfather - level abilities include:

- Galaxy busting power
- Limited reality warping (from planetary through multi - galactic, less than universal)
- Often some type of time manipulation (timestop, time travel, etc.)
- Usually a good degree of matter/energy manipulation (Odin with Odinforce creating planets out of nothing)
- Often a high degree of psychic powers, often capable of affecting at least entire planets
- Sometimes have the ability to imbue other beings with a portion of their power
- Breaking the Law of Causality

Examples of Skyfather - level beings:

- Amatsu-Mikaboshi (later powered up to abstract level), Ego the Living Planet, Odin, Surtur, Vishnu, Walker, Zeus, and many others from Marvel Comics
- Ares, Darkseid (classic levels), Highfather, Monarch, Shazam, Superman 1 Million, and many others from DC Comics
- Charon and Danik from Crossgen Comics
- Majin Dark Schneider with the Dragon Knight Lucifer, Fallen Uriel, Satan, and others from Bastard!!
- Spawn (King of Hell Arc), and many others from Image Comics
- The Daedric Princes (Elder Scrolls)
- Sailor Moon and Chaos from Sailor Moon
- The Data Integrated Sentient Entity from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- Sealed Titan Gods, God Saints (base level), Thanatos, Hypnos and Gold Saints (via their most powerful attacks and power-ups) from Saint Seiya
- Retainer Class Mazoku & equivalent Shinzoku such as Chaos Dragon Garv and Hellmaster Phibrizzo from Slayers
- Overlord Zetta and several others from Nipponverse
- Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit from Pokemon